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Alexandra Llewellyn’s enchanting Tulips backgammon board

Alexandra Llewellyn is known for creating original and beautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture. Share

Alexandra’s imagination, realised by the best of British craftsmanship, ensures that every detail is created in close conversation with the client, delivering a truly original way to commemorate memories and life achievements; works of art that will be enjoyed for generations to come. For this backgammon set, a London Oak box opens to reveal Tulips once worth more than their weight in gold.

The tulip was introduced to Europe from the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century. It is known as an extraordinarily beautiful and varied flower, as well as the cause of the first ever speculative bubble – the Tulip Crisis in the Netherlands. The tulips are housed in an Oak Box, sourced from trees growing in London. The artwork is sealed with hand-applied lacquer. The compartments are lined in calf leather.

Alexandra Llewellyn’s enchanting Tulips backgammon board
Alexandra Llewellyn’s enchanting Tulips backgammon board
Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Llewellyn

The shakers are black calf leather with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser cut dice whilst the doubling die is embossed weighted leather. There are two choices for your accompanying playing pieces. Either weighted and wrapped leather in red and cream, or gold and silver weighted aluminium with leather bases. Both options measure 45mm x 11mm and weighs 40g each. Alternatively, you can also choose from bespoke stone playing pieces as an elegant addition.

This backgammon board has been handcrafted in the traditional tournament size, with the layout designed to be the best scale for play (60cm x 77cm x 5cm / 23.5″ x 30″ x 2″ when open).