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The Tusk Conservation Awards, held annually in London, are a celebration of successful conservation efforts taking place across the African continent. These awards recognize the exceptional contributions of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of Africa's wildlife and habitats. The event is presided over by the Duke of Cambridge, who serves as the Royal Patron of Tusk.

The awards include the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, a lifetime achievement award that recognizes outstanding dedication and exceptional continued contribution to conservation in Africa. This prestigious award is a testament to the tireless efforts of those who have devoted their lives to the protection of Africa's natural heritage.

The judging panel for the Tusk Conservation Awards features some of the leading conservation figures working in Africa today. These experts bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing African conservationists, ensuring that the awards recognize those who have truly made a difference in the field.

The Tusk Conservation Awards are not only a celebration of conservation successes but also a call to action. The Duke of Cambridge has emphasized the importance of recognizing the dedication of conservationists and the bravery of rangers who risk their lives on the frontlines of conservation efforts. He has urged the public to express their gratitude to these unsung heroes, acknowledging the vital role they play in preserving Africa's wildlife for future generations.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the Tusk Conservation Awards also feature a charity auction, with proceeds going towards supporting conservation efforts in Africa. The Tusk Conservation Awards are an important event in the global conservation calendar, highlighting the critical work being done to protect Africa's wildlife and habitats. Through these awards, Tusk aims to raise awareness of the vital role that conservation plays in preserving the planet's biodiversity and to inspire a new generation of conservationists to take up the challenge of protecting Africa's natural heritage.

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Tusk Conservation Awards
Humanities Awards
Early November 2024
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