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The Golden Globe Awards are esteemed accolades presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), recognizing outstanding achievements in both film and television, both domestic and foreign. The awards were first presented in January 1944, honoring the best of 1943 filmmaking, and have since become a significant part of the film industry's awards season, leading up to the Academy Awards.

The awards are given in various categories for both film and television. Film categories include best motion picture, best actor, and best actress, separated into "drama" and "comedy or musical" divisions. Supporting acting performances, direction, screenwriting, music, animated films, and foreign-language films are also recognized. Television categories include awards for drama series, comedy or musical series, miniseries or movies, and acting performances in each genre or format. The HFPA members cast ballots to determine the nominees and winners in all competitive categories.

The Golden Globe Awards originated in 1944 as an initiative of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, a group of entertainment journalists based in Los Angeles but working for publications outside the United States. The organization was renamed the HFPA in 1955, and the awards began featuring prizes for television in 1956. The awards gala began to be televised nationally in the mid-1960s.

The ceremony has been held at various venues throughout its history, including the 20th Century-Fox studios, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Since 1961, the awards have been presented at the International Ballroom of The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, where the makers of Spartacus took home the award for Best Motion Picture - Drama in the first year at this location.

The Golden Globe Awards have faced credibility issues, with accusations of impropriety and questions about the HFPA's procedures for selecting winners. However, the increasing importance placed on awards by the entertainment industry has conferred an air of prestige on the Golden Globes. The film awards are observed closely as precursors to the Oscars, and the ceremony is frequently among television's most-watched events.

In 2021, following continued allegations of ethics violations and criticism about the HFPA’s lack of diversity, NBC announced that it would not televise the ceremony, beginning in 2022. The awards were announced on social media that year. The HFPA subsequently made a number of reforms, including diversifying its voter pool, and the ceremony returned to NBC in 2023.

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