Tàn Chá

The energy and appetites of downtown Hong Kong meets traditional flavours and textures of provincial China
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Tàn Chá is reminiscent of the urban side of downtown Hong Kong mixed with a touch of Dubai opulence. An energetic, cross-cultural environment that offers a different take on authentic Chinese cuisine with the use of modern techniques and presentation. The stylish ambience and electrifying character allow it to be a space designed for long leisurely evenings.

There’s a distinct sense of arrival and discovery from the moment the guests step inside. Walkthrough an immersive portal entrance and Tàn Chá restaurant is spread across two floors, and a first-floor terrace overlooking the canal with exceptional views of downtown Dubai.

The space is brought to life with a vibrant color palette and linear forms inspired by Hong Kong’s architectural density, vibrant wallpaper depicting influences of Chinese culture, and contrasting raw materials. Each space is adaptable to cater for parties or events with the clever use of sliding partitions and curtains.

restaurant name
Tàn Chá
JW Marriott Marquis Hotel
Business Bay, Dubai
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