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Worldly wonders: bring global distinction into your home with the stunning Tellus globe

Immense, intriguing, inspiring: the artisan globemakers Bellerby & Co. capture every wonder of planet Earth in the exquisitely hand-crafted and evocatively iridescent Tellus globe.
by Ellie Loxton

With the exquisite Tellus Globe created by artisan globemakers Bellerby & Co., you can bring terrestrial and celestial beauty into any home interior. Available from bespoke British furniture name Linley, the Tellus Globe in Grey and Charcoal is a unique piece of cartographical splendour. Polished black stands elevate the pearl-grey globe and create a 123cm tripod structure both subtle in its simplicity and striking, almost mystifying, in its veneered inky depths.

The 50cm diameter sphere rests on three pivot bearings to give a supple, 360-degree motion acquiescing at the slightest touch and, with a hand-painted silver surface shimmering from honey-infused pigment, the raised sphere evokes the interminable curiosities and bewitching lunar wonders of an interstellar sky.

Worldly wonders: bring global distinction into your home with the stunning Tellus globe
Tellus Globe sphere
Photo: Courtesy of Linley

Each globe made by Bellerby & Co. conforms to the very highest standards; resilient materials and UV- and scratch-resistant resin coatings ensure that this bespoke feature is made to last and become a prized heirloom through which generations can share their coastlines and continental travels.

The Tellus piece embodies a globemaking heritage that reaches back to the 15th century. Popularised by explorers during the Age of Discovery, handcrafted globes were essential to travellers uncovering new lands and ocean depths. Not until the early 19th century, however, did artisan globes become familiar domestic objects and today, with the art of globemaking almost obsolete, Bellerby & Co. remaining one of just a select handful of artisan globemakers still practising their craft.

Worldly wonders: bring global distinction into your home with the stunning Tellus globe
Tellus Globe bearings
Photo: Courtesy of Linley

The Stoke Newington based company was founded in 2008 and uses time honoured techniques to supply homes, yachts and film production companies with the finest planetary spheres. An expert team of cartographers, joiners, artists and colourists work at impeccably exacting standards to create exquisite bespoke pieces. Designed almost entirely by hand with minimal technological input, each Bellerby globe is truly, exceptionally unique.

An elegant fusion of art and furniture, the Tellus Globe opens exploratory channels with artistry and grace. The magnificent pearly sheen radiates geographical marvels in a piece guaranteed to delight, intrigue and inspire.

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