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Drama is exactly what Anders Olsson, OKA’s head stylist, had in mind when he set about creating this statement look. He took inspiration from paintings by Dutch Masters, where rich colours and textures appear so vividly against very atmospheric, dark backgrounds.

Just as in the paintings, natural light is key when it comes to subtly picking out details and textures. He also included plenty of mirrors and reflective surfaces to really make the most of the highlights and jewel tones. This is part of the beauty of this scheme: it’s all about contrast, so, surprisingly, you don’t actually need a big space to make it work.

Sitting Room

With a background like this, everything gleams: the velvet cushions appear jewel-like and the gold feathers shimmer. Each element has been carefully considered – small details like the door handles and curtains complement the colour scheme whilst the orange cushion and tulip prints pay homage to the Dutch Masters.

Dining Room
OKA’s Master Pieces interior concept is all about creating a statement look
Courtesy of OKA

True to a Dutch still life painting, this dining room has a simple layout and uses only a few key pieces. Your eye is instantly drawn to the hanging light, a modern-day chandelier that beautifully reflects its surroundings. Two rich velvet Stafford Chairs feature, along with a matching bench which seats up to four people, making the space perfect for family dinners and intimate suppers.

OKA’s Master Pieces interior concept is all about creating a statement look
Courtesy of OKA

The decadent combination of black and gold is hard to top. The dark walls and furniture in this bedroom draw your attention to the intricate detailing in the screen, table lamp and hand-painted Chinoiserie cabinet.

Whether you’re looking to update just one room or a whole house, OKA’s talented design team have over twenty years of experience, and have completed projects all over the world. OKA provides a range of bespoke services which are both approachable and flexible – whilst the team can help with anything from pulling together a flat, pied-a-terre, country house or a property abroad.

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