Perini Navi
Yachts | Perini Navi, Builder, Italian Heritage
Yachts | Perini Navi, Builder, Italian Heritage

Perini Navi was born from the intuition, creativity, tenacity and technical capability of its founder, Fabio Perini. Perini Navi was originally just a studio for the design, engineering and sale of large sized sailing yachts.

In five years time Perini Navi began shipbuilding. This meant breaking with the traditionalism that still reigns in the world of sailing and going against the grain of the purists.

Thanks to the high quality of the yachts, to their extreme comfort and elegance, Perini Navi is today without a doubt the leader in the megasailer industry. The use of large sailing yachts, which had seemed on the verge of extinction, was revitalised thanks to Perini Navi.

NamePerini Navi
Heritage Italian

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