Set sail for success with a superyacht nanny for your little ones

Ella Peters is a superyacht nanny who specializes in onboard childcare. She takes great joy in crafting extra special moments for families during their holidays. Share

Ella, with her vast experience as a superyacht nanny, offers a rare glimpse into the intricate world of onboard charter childcare. Throughout her illustrious career, she has had the honor of caring for children during some of the most luxurious voyages. From tandem charters on grand 80-metre yachts, thrilling jet skiing escapades around the iconic Faraglioni Rocks of Capri, to being part of the esteemed Porto Cervo Rolex Regatta with young charges, Ella has seen it all.

The essence of a successful charter often lies in the details. One such detail is ensuring that the childcare onboard aligns perfectly with the unique needs of each family, enhancing the overall charter experience. An expert superyacht nanny, like Ella, understands the intricacies of working harmoniously with the crew, security, and other staff members. Their expertise transforms the guest experience, addressing every childcare-related nuance, whether big or small. Given the demanding nature of onboard childcare, which often operates around the clock, it’s imperative to have professionals like Ella who can provide constant care and maintain a joyful environment for the children.

Set sail for success with a superyacht nanny for your little ones

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to water activities. Superyacht nannies are trained rigorously in water safety protocols, ensuring children can enjoy water sports without compromising their safety. Their proficiency extends beyond the yacht; whether it’s managing travel logistics on private jets or seamlessly navigating airport challenges with children, they ensure a hassle-free voyage for the entire family.

A truly exceptional superyacht nanny aims to curate a charter experience that is unparalleled. They create lasting memories for the children, ensuring consistent moments of joy and discovery throughout the journey. Their familiarity with top yachting destinations allows them to customize activities, even in locations not typically known for being child-friendly.

Set sail for success with a superyacht nanny for your little ones

Finding the right superyacht nanny can be a challenge. But platforms like, where Ella plays a pivotal role, provide access to top-tier nannies. Additionally, Ella collaborates with leading yachting agencies, further enhancing the chances of finding the perfect match.

The interview process is crucial. Whether families opt for agency-driven recruitment or rely on trusted referrals, it’s essential to delve deep and ask the right questions to ensure the selected candidate meets the family’s unique needs.

Recent industry trends have highlighted a shift. More families are choosing to give their full-time nannies a holiday break, opting instead for specialized superyacht nannies during their charters. Multi-generational charters are also on the rise, emphasizing the importance of having expert childcare support onboard to cater to varied needs. Safety considerations, unique to yacht settings, underscore the necessity for more hands-on childcare.

Set sail for success with a superyacht nanny for your little ones

Expected qualifications for a superyacht nanny include a thorough background check, pediatric first aid training, and nanny insurance. Additionally, certifications in languages, lifeguarding, jet ski operation, and children’s psychology can significantly elevate the care provided.

Embarking on a charter voyage can be exhilarating. The initial enthusiasm might be coupled with the chaos of acclimatization, especially for young children. But with the right preparation and by enlisting the services of a dedicated superyacht nanny, families can ensure a journey filled with adventure, relaxation, and cherished memories. For those seeking specialized superyacht nanny services, Ella and her team at are ever-ready to assist and elevate your charter experience.

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