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Urwerk UR-100V Lightspeed

Crafted from advanced materials and featuring a unique satellite display mechanism, this timepiece invites wearers to traverse the solar system from their wrist. Share

Urwerk’s UR-100V “Lightspeed” is a horological masterpiece that transcends the mere telling of time, offering its wearer a cosmic journey on their wrist. This innovative timepiece draws its inspiration from the vastness of space, manifesting as a personal planetarium that tracks the journey of light from the Sun to the planets within our solar system. The watch showcases Urwerk’s pioneering satellite time-display mechanism, a signature of the brand that eschews traditional hands for a more dynamic representation of time through moving satellites​.

Crafted with a black carbon case and adorned with a 54-layer ThinPly, the UR-100V “Lightspeed” measures 43mm in width, 51.73mm in length, and 14.55mm in thickness, ensuring a presence on the wrist that is both substantial and refined. This avant-garde casing is complemented by a DLC-treated titanium case back, offering a glimpse into the intricate workings of the UR 12.02 movement through the sapphire crystal. The movement itself is a marvel, governed by a Windfänger airscrew and boasting a 48-hour power reserve, demonstrating Urwerk’s commitment to combining technical innovation with artistic expression​.

Urwerk UR-100V Lightspeed

The dial of the UR-100V “Lightspeed” is where the cosmic journey truly unfolds. It features eight planets, with the time it takes for sunlight to reach each one displayed uniquely and educationally. This informs the wearer about our solar system and serves as a reminder of our place within the vast expanse of the universe. The hours and minutes are indicated on rotating satellites, with a red arrow-tipped minutes hand gliding along a 120-degree arched track, ensuring legibility is maintained alongside the watch’s artistic ambitions​.

Urwerk UR-100V Lightspeed

Limited in production due to its complexity and the exclusivity of its design, the UR-100V “Lightspeed” is priced at 65,000 CHF, representing a significant investment in a piece of horological art that offers an experience at the intersection of telling time and a connection to the cosmos itself​​​.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 65,000
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