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Purnell Escape II Ceranium Blue

Purnell's Escape II Ceranium Blue features the world’s fastest Double Triple-Axis Tourbillon in a limited edition of just three exquisite pieces. Share

With a mere three pieces available, the Escape II Ceranium Blue is an exclusive masterpiece of high-velocity performance horology. Housing the trailblazing Caliber P03 and Purnell’s signature Double Spherion, it sets a new standard in the world of complex, innovative timekeeping.

In the realm of haute horology, few dare to blend aesthetics, complexity, and performance as effortlessly as Purnell. With its latest marvel, the Escape II Ceranium Blue, the brand amplifies its commitment to avant-garde watchmaking. This luxurious timepiece, limited to just three examples, is a triumph of engineering, housing the Caliber P03 and featuring the world’s fastest Double Triple-Axis Tourbillon—The Double Spherion.

Purnell Escape II Ceranium Blue

Powering this monumental creation is Purnell’s mechanical hand-winding Caliber P03. With functions displaying the hour, minute, and a power reserve indication through a suspended mobile cone mainspring sensor, the Caliber P03 is a study in mechanical sophistication. With a 32-hour power reserve, the watch strikes the ideal balance between complexity and practicality. The strap options provided—natural rubber or Velcro—merge comfort with sophistication. Complementing the strap is a carbon and titanium folding buckle, adding an extra layer of luxury and robustness to the timepiece.

Purnell Escape II Ceranium Blue

The smoked sapphire dial, finished with hand-applied lacquer indexes, doesn’t only indicate the time. It serves as an artful stage to display the watch’s horological theatrics. Hand-polished hands gracefully traverse the dial, pointing to the power reserve indicator and creating an illusion of time suspended in motion.

At the core of the Escape II Ceranium Blue lies its Double Spherion, the world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon. Each of its cages completes rotations in 8, 16, and 30 seconds, a feat that defies gravity and exemplifies high-velocity performance. Crafted from titanium and weighing just 0.79562 grams, the tourbillon exists as an independent microcosmic universe within the watch.

Purnell Escape II Ceranium Blue

The case, made of blue Ceranium, shares the same weight as the tourbillon, thereby creating a harmonious symbiosis. Measuring 48mm x 19mm and offering 3 atm of water resistance, the case is a blend of aesthetics and engineering. The top monobloc sapphire crystal offers a panoramic view of the Double Spherion, while lateral windows on the edge of the case at 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock invite you to marvel at the timepiece from new angles.

In the Escape II Ceranium Blue, Purnell has achieved what few brands dare to even contemplate: a perfect equilibrium between artistic craftsmanship and mechanical innovation. With only three pieces in existence, to own one is to hold a segment of horological history on your wrist.

Guide Price
CHF 450,000
Limited Edition of 3 pieces
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