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Hautlence Sphere Series 1

The sublime art of timekeeping finds new expression in the Sphere Series 1, a masterpiece that spins horological conventions on their axes. Share

In a world where the old guard of Swiss watchmaking is frequently challenged by the newest innovation, Hautlence, a torchbearer of independent fine watchmaking, shakes the core of traditional time-telling with its latest creation, the Sphere Series 1. Staying true to its raison d’être of breaking the mold, Hautlence proves that sometimes going back to basics is the most radical move of all.

The Sphere Series 1’s crowning glory is its blue sphere encased in sapphire crystal. This isn’t a mere static embellishment. Instead, it is a compelling, kinetic marvel that tells time by rolling and spinning on multiple axes. This action reveals the current hour, an operation that might seem chaotic at first glance but is, in reality, a tightly-controlled ballet orchestrated by four conical gears and two crossed spindles at a 21-degree tilt.

While one might expect the complexity to lend itself to overwrought design, the Sphere Series 1 remains the epitome of elegance. Its titanium case, enhanced by a sophisticated blue PVD finish, encapsulates the sphere, ensuring that its artistry is the main event.

Hautlence Sphere Series 1

Beside the spinning blue sphere, a retrograde minute display beckons the eyes. Here, a solitary hand traverses an exquisitely designed minute track before snapping back to its starting position, a mechanical dance that is equally as mesmerizing as the sphere. The entire operation reveals not just time but the intricate mechanics underneath, a transparent look into the marvel of horology itself.

Complementing the sphere and minute display, the watch features a “TV screen shape” case, a reinterpreted version of Hautlence’s signature design. Its balanced dimensions make it a comfortable wear, while the blue rubber strap perfectly rounds off the aesthetic, tying together the elements of innovation and traditional elegance.

What powers this unprecedented display of time is Hautlence’s in-house hand-wound movement, a culmination of the maison’s technical and aesthetic brilliance. This meticulously crafted core ensures a staggering 72-hour power reserve. For those who understand the art and science behind horology, this feature alone places the Sphere Series 1 on a pedestal.

Hautlence Sphere Series 1

More than the watch’s internal mechanics that deserve a huge round of applause; it’s also what the Sphere Series 1 signifies for Hautlence and the watchmaking industry as a whole. By pioneering an entirely novel way of telling time while ensuring aesthetic finesse and mechanical superiority, the brand reaffirms its place as a trailblazer in independent fine watchmaking.

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Limited Edition of 28 pieces
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