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Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618

Bianchet's new masterpiece, the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618, merges time-honored design with cutting-edge technology. Share

Bianchet, the Swiss watchmaker celebrated for its exemplary craftsmanship, has long been in the vanguard of horological innovation. This year, the house reveals its latest masterpiece: the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618. But rather than just being a watch, it stands as a testament to the balance between beauty and functionality, capturing the essence of modernity while being deeply rooted in the past.

The number 1.618 isn’t merely a random selection. Commonly referred to as the Golden Ratio, this proportion has been regarded as the embodiment of beauty, frequently applied across various disciplines from art to architecture. With the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618, Bianchet marries this ancient mathematical beauty to contemporary watchmaking, resulting in a symphony of harmonious design.

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618

While the outer elegance of the watch cannot be ignored, the magic truly lies within. With an in-house-developed skeleton movement, every cog, wheel, and lever is placed respecting the golden ratio. The layout follows the golden triangles, while the bridges trace the curves of the Fibonacci spiral. It’s not just a functional machine; it’s a masterclass in design.

The tonneau case, a hallmark of sophistication since its inception in 1906 by Cartier, finds a rejuvenated identity under Bianchet. Melding this classic shape with the best of technology, the Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618 is one of the few that can endure 100 meters of water depth, giving it a versatility that few luxury watches possess.

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618

The case, an artwork crafted from Titanium-Dust-High-Density-Carbon, amalgamates the strength of carbon fibres with the ethereal shimmer of titanium. This intricate process of layering carbon fibres with titanium powder not only enhances its resilience but also lends an arresting visual appeal.

“A watch must arouse the senses and emotions. The sound of the movement ticking, the visual magic of the flying tourbillon and the tactile experience provided by the case materials are all elements we work on to create a unique sensation” explains Emmanuelle Festa Bianchet, co-founder of Bianchet.

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618

Bianchet’s audacious decision to craft their own flying tourbillon movement is no small feat. By fabricating the tourbillon cage and bridges entirely from titanium, they’ve achieved a lightweight, yet robust mechanism. Paired with the open-worked big date, this watch invites an appreciative gaze, revealing its meticulous architecture, the genius of which is accentuated by the skeleton construction.

Hand-finishing on titanium is notoriously challenging. Yet, the artisans at Bianchet excel, breathing life into each component, enhancing the natural lustre of the metal, and emphasizing the fine contours of the bridges. The result is a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, making the watch an ever-evolving masterpiece on the wrist.

Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618

The Bianchet Flying Tourbillon Grande Date B1.618 is a limited edition of 200 pieces, and customers can choose from any of eight colour variations available.

Guide Price
CHF 65,500
Limited Edition of 200 pieces
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