Carlton Club

Carlton Club bridges centuries of prestige with contemporary elegance in London's elite circles
Carlton Club, Private Members’ Club, St James’s, London

The Carlton Club, located in St. James's, London, is a historic members-only club founded in 1832. It combines a rich history with modern elegance, providing a sophisticated and comfortable environment for its members. Inside, the club features luxurious dining rooms, meeting spaces, and a bar. The Carlton Club has been frequented by many notable figures, including numerous past British Prime Ministers.

This prestigious institution serves as a hub for political and social networking, upholding its reputation as one of London's premier private clubs. Despite the club's traditional roots, it continually evolves to suit the needs and expectations of its contemporary membership, offering exceptional service and fostering a distinctive sense of community.

Carlton Club
Private Members' Club
69 St James’s Street, SW1 A1P
St James's, London
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