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Montre à Tact, a unique way to read time by Andersen Genève

A timeless question of etiquette which the à tact watch helped to solve. Share

In the elegant Parisian society of the late 18th century it was unseemly to take out a pocket watch. That’s why Abraham Louis Breguet invented in 1798 a pocket watch whose user could “feel the time”. Andersen Genève updated this concept to a wristwatch with the help of two reading time windows. One window is on the dial and the second one between the lugs. Its owner doesn’t need to turn his wrist to read time.

The complication developed in house is added on a vintage high quality automatic movement upgraded by Andersen GenèveMontre à Tact are available in white gold, yellow gold (2N), pink gold (3N), red gold (5N), or bi-color white & red gold. The case is made by a craftsman who realises every step by hands. A crown lies on the back of the case to set the time and the watch is delivered with a winding support.

Montre à Tact offers a wide range of personalisation on its dial, such as:

  • A miniature painting scene
  • A special hand engraved scene
  • Any type of hand guilloché motives
  • Every dial is unique

Dials are available in different types of stones (Aventurine, Jade, etc.) or Mokume that is composed of precious metal sheets bonded together by milling, engraving and laminating. Any gold colors can be chosen for hand engraved scenes or special hand guilloché motives on the dial.

“BlueGold” is the preferred dial material chosen by watch collectors; a 21ct gold with iron elements added in the casting. Once heated it gets a unique “BlueGold” color and it is yes an ANDERSEN Genève signature.

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