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Louis Moinet Jules Vernes Tourbillon “To The Moon”

With an off-center flying tourbillon and a power reserve of ninety-six hours, this limited-edition masterpiece allows owners to carry a unique piece of the cosmos on their wrist. Share

The Jules Verne tourbillons constitute a trilogy of watchmaking gems, each of which takes you on a unique artistic journey. The first in the series is the model named “To The Moon”, featuring a lunar meteorite of outstanding rarity. Jean-Marie Schaller, the Owner and Creative Director, elevates customization to an entirely different stratum, allowing future owners to select a unique stone disc cut from lunar meteorite, opal, or lapis lazuli to grace the center of the dial. In total, just eight discs of each rare material will be available, each handcrafted to reveal a unique, mesmerizing pattern.

Louis Moinet Jules Vernes Tourbillon “To The Moon”

The carefully chosen central disc is not the sole object of admiration; it is set within a meticulously executed guilloché—a mechanical art form that dates back centuries. In this intricate process, the guillocheur engraves delicate, intricate motifs onto a metallic surface, elevating the aesthetic of the watch to an artistic realm. A translucent varnish is then applied, adding depth and brilliance that bring the motifs to life. The juxtaposition of an organic pattern on the stone and the geometric guilloché forms a harmony that is nothing short of poetic.

Perhaps the most captivating feature of the Jules Verne “To The Moon” tourbillon is its dial featuring an actual lunar meteorite, making this watch an extraordinary ambassador to the cosmos. These fragments offer more than just aesthetic allure; they form a corporeal link to the moon itself. Each unique slice reveals a marbled structure that serves as an unspoken dialogue between the owner and the moon, encapsulated within a watch. Surrounding the meteorite, the guilloché pattern subtly plays with light, coated in a celestial green, translucent varnish.

Louis Moinet Jules Vernes Tourbillon “To The Moon”

If the aesthetic attributes aren’t mesmerizing enough, the Jules Verne tourbillons feature a gravity-defying off-center flying tourbillon. A hand-wound, double barrel spring mechanism powers this exceptional component. Ingeniously designed with a system known as ‘volte-face,’ one barrel is mounted upside down over the other, discharging their energy simultaneously and providing a staggering ninety-six-hour power reserve.

Complementing these intricate inner workings and celestial features is the 5N 18-carat rose gold case. With a diameter of 40 millimeters, the case captures flowing and taut lines, housing this celestial opus with a dignified elegance. The domed sapphire crystal adds another layer of craftsmanship, allowing a comprehensive view of the tourbillon and other intricate details on the dial. Openworked lugs integrate seamlessly with the strap, completing the tourbillon’s holistic design.

Guide Price
CHF 119,000
Limited Edition of 24 pieces
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