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Breguet Classique Dragon 7145

This exceptional timepiece, housed within a slender 40 mm-diameter rose gold case, showcases a vibrant crimson dial adorned with a majestic, hand-engraved dragon, symbolizing power and wisdom. Share

In the realm of haute horlogerie, the Breguet Classique Dragon 7145 emerges as a paragon of artistry and mechanical sophistication, encapsulating the essence of luxury watchmaking. This limited edition masterpiece, with only eight pieces available, stands as a tribute to the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovative spirit that has defined Breguet’s legacy.

At the heart of the Classique Dragon 7145’s allure is its stunning dial, a canvas where the ancient art of Grand Feu enamelling breathes life into an exquisite crimson red background. The technique, revered for its complexity and rarity, involves a meticulous process of layering silica mixed with oxides onto the dial, followed by multiple firings at extreme temperatures. The outcome is a dial that radiates with vibrancy, showcasing gradients that subtly transition from the chapter ring to the center.

Breguet Classique Dragon 7145

Commanding the dial is a hand-engraved rose gold applique of a dragon, a symbol of power and wisdom. This majestic creature, depicted in a pose of vigilant protection over its pearl, crafted from natural white mother-of-pearl, adds a layer of depth and storytelling to the watch’s design.

Surrounding this central figure are Roman numerals, a minutes track, and clouds in a golden powder-pink hue, all contributing to the dial’s enchanting visual narrative. The chapter ring is elegantly marked by twelve gold hour-markers, with time conveyed through Breguet’s iconic open-tipped hands.

Breguet Classique Dragon 7145

Within the 40 mm-diameter rose gold case of the Classique Dragon 7145, which stands as one of Breguet’s slimmest designs at a mere 2.40 mm thickness, lies the heart of this horological marvel: the Calibre 502.3. This self-winding movement, comprised of 162 components, offers a 45-hour power reserve, showcasing Breguet’s commitment to both aesthetic grace and functional prowess.

The movement is enhanced by the use of silicon for the balance-spring and pallet-lever, a choice that speaks to modern advancements in watchmaking. Silicon, known for its corrosion resistance, wear resilience, and immunity to magnetic fields, plays a crucial role in maintaining the timepiece’s precision. A visual delight awaits through the sapphire crystal caseback, where the gold oscillating weight, adorned with a hand-guilloché circular barleycorn motif, is visible.

Technical Specifications
Guide Price
CHF 79,000
Limited Edition of 8 pieces
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