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Arnold & Son Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite

Combining celestial mechanics with earthly elements, this timepiece captivates with a three-dimensional moon-phase complication, a meteorite dial, and an in-house calibre of astronomical accuracy. Share

Arnold & Son’s Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite, a limited-edition marvel restricted to just 38 pieces, is a dazzling exemplification of this philosophy. One of the most compelling features of the Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite is its three-dimensional moon-phase complication. Derived from precise astronomical data, the complication replicates the duration of a complete lunar cycle to uncanny accuracy—29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds to be exact.

Such precision ensures that it will take a staggering 122 years for the moon-phase display to deviate by a single day from the celestial reality. And when that day comes—well into the next century—a simple adjustment via the crown will suffice to realign the heavenly bodies, thanks to Arnold & Son’s meticulous engineering.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite

The dial of the Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite, a blue PVD-treated meteorite disc, serves as a backdrop that might as well have been sliced from the night sky. The Widmanstätten patterns—those jagged, geometric structures found in the meteorite—capture the light in a way reminiscent of the celestial. On the other hand, the subdial, which shows hours and minutes, bears an almost ethereal milky sheen courtesy of its opal surface. The opal complements the meteorite, each as if calling to their heavenly counterparts—the Moon and the stars.

In an intriguing twist, Arnold & Son has used Super-LumiNova to coat the opal half of the moon and the subdial. Invisible by daylight, this treatment reveals a blue-green glow in the dark. It’s a subtle nod to the celestial bodies’ behaviour, illuminating the night sky just as the moon and stars do.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Red Gold Meteorite

At the heart of this timepiece is the A&S1021 calibre, a hand-wound engine fully developed and assembled by Arnold & Son’s in-house team. Designed with the lunar globe in mind, the calibre boasts a 90-hour power reserve and oscillates at a frequency of 3 Hz. In addition to its front-facing theatrics, the calibre features a secondary display on the case-back, which details the age of the moon in easily readable markings, designed for high-precision lunar adjustments.

Guide Price
CHF 59,000
Limited Edition of 38 pieces
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