lifestyle /home & gifts Baccarat’s Haute Couture Decanter Beaune This limited and numbered hand-painted gold filigree demonstrates Baccarat's artisanal mastery.

Transforming matter into an object of desire has been the calling and talent of Baccarat artisans for over 250 years, targeting perfection. It takes 15 years to master the techniques, tap the infinite possibilities for sculpting crystal. Baccarat boasts the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury House.

For the exclusive Haute Couture collection, Baccarat takes us through its illustrious legacy, delving into the archives to reproduce limited edition facsimiles of some of its most exquisite pieces, like the Beaune decanter.

The Beaune decanter perfectly illustrates the high-precision skills of Baccarat gilders. The fine gold raised relief is applied by hand, coat after coat. Vivid colours, deep cuts, dazzling gilts and delicately engraved trim, each Haute Couture piece, hand-crafted in the Baccarat workshops, is a tribute to the unique know-how of its artisans. Timeless masterpieces reflecting an incomparable legacy and celebrating the splendour of an art of living that has been admired across the world for more than 250 years.

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