Exhibitions | The Posidonia Shipping Exhibition, Athens, Greece

The Posidonia Shipping Exhibition, held biennially in Athens, Greece, is one of the most prominent and influential gatherings in the global shipping industry. Since its inception in 1969, Posidonia has grown into a major international event, drawing participants from all sectors of the maritime industry, including ship owners, operators, managers, brokers, and many more.

Set against the backdrop of Greece’s significant historical maritime tradition, Posidonia serves as a key meeting point for maritime industry professionals to network, share knowledge, and forge business deals. The exhibition showcases the latest advancements in shipping technology, equipment, and services, and provides a comprehensive insight into the global commercial shipping industry.

One of the most interesting aspects of Posidonia is its extensive scope. The event typically attracts thousands of exhibitors from over 90 countries and welcomes tens of thousands of visitors. This makes it not just a hub for commercial activity but also a cultural melting pot where global maritime trends and policies are discussed and developed.

Posidonia is not only about business and technology; it also hosts a range of social events and sports activities that add to its vibrant atmosphere. These include the Posidonia Cup Yacht Race, a golf tournament, and a soccer tournament, which are highly anticipated by attendees for networking in a more informal and relaxed setting.

The exhibition is supported by the Greek government and the shipping community, underscoring its importance to the Greek economy and its status as a pillar of the international shipping calendar. Every iteration of Posidonia not only reflects the current state of the maritime industry but also sets the tone for its future direction, dealing with critical issues such as shipping economics, maritime law, and shipbuilding innovations.

With its blend of business, culture, and sport, the Posidonia Shipping Exhibition remains a key date in the maritime industry’s diary, offering unmatched opportunities for insight, networking, and business development in one of the world's most historically rich maritime nations.

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Event Overview
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Shipping Exhibition
Early June 2024
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