Turner Pocock
Real Estate| Turner Pocock, Interior Design, British Heritage

Turner Pocock is an interior design firm, which focuses on residential and commercial projects. The firm offers clients assistance with the steps in the design and installation of projects.

The team takes great pride in putting their clients first and recreating the client's tastes and needs in the design; Turner and his team are able to accomplish this by facilitating the client's dream lifestyle and making them live better within their homes.

According to its founders Benny and Emma, “The Turner Pocock house style is people. It all begins and ends with the client, everything else is secondary to us. We see our role as facilitators of the clients’ dream lifestyle and our goal is simple: to help them to live better in their homes. First we listen, then we interpret these dreams and importantly we add rigour, efficiency and our trusted network of the best suppliers in the world.”

NameTurner Pocock
ClassInterior Designer
Heritage British
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On-market and off-market, we connect private real estate buyers, sellers and suppliers with utmost privacy and confidence. You can benefit from our holistic approach with regards to real estate transactions, from tailor-made searches to client representations and specialist introductions.
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