Stephen Ryan
Real Estate | Stephen Ryan, Interior Design, British Heritage

Stephen Ryan has been commissioned to design houses, hotels, showrooms, offices, palaces and yachts. His work is international in style and execution. Much of his output has been award winning and has graced the covers and editorials of prominent periodicals worldwide.

In his own words, Stephen Ryan says I am an ‘enabler’ and will guide a client to a solution that is aesthetically and economically most appropriate. I strive to achieve interiors which are eminently suitable and aim to meet my own criteria, that is, whatever I design, I would be content to live in myself.

It is recognised that taste and style are subjective and, more importantly, it is order, function or scale and ergonomics that are paramount. This is the skill, talent and experience that benefit the private or corporate client who engages the service of a professional interior designer”.

NameStephen Ryan
ClassInterior Designer
Heritage British
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