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The New Espen Øino 60-metre Amels Yacht

AMELS introduce the AMELS 60, the brand new Espen Øino design in a Limited Editions range. Share

The 60-metre superyacht, with Hybrid by AMELS technology, is now under construction and available for spring 2022 delivery. “The AMELS 60 is an exciting new take on the very best AMELS knowhow and craftsmanship that has shaped everything we have done for more than 100 years,” says Rose Damen, Managing Director of the Damen Shipyards’ Yachting division. “Just like the global fleet of Limited Editions yachts at sea today, the AMELS 60 will be a beacon of trusted reliability, quality and comfort for decades to come.”

The AMELS 60 is the second collaboration with Espen, following the 78-metre AMELS Full Custom by Espen Øino that is now under construction for delivery in 2021. Espen comments: “The AMELS 60 is a package that no-one else can offer at this time. It’s a very well thought-through design where we incorporate all the experience AMELS has as a builder and we as designers. I think it is truly a design that reflects the future. I can’t wait to see her being built, to experience her. She will be instantly recognisable when she hits the water in 2022.”

The New Espen Øino 60-metre Amels Yacht
The New Espen Øino 60-metre Amels Yacht
The New Espen Øino 60-metre Amels Yacht
Photo: Courtesy of AMELS

With Hybrid by AMELS technology, the AMELS 60 offers cruising up to 7 knots with electrical propulsion motors. The system works with multiple sources of energy working together seamlessly throughout a wide operating profile. The owner benefits from very low noise and vibrations, lower fuel and maintenance costs, while reducing harmful emissions.

As for the interiors, AMELS invited the team at Studio Indigo to create a design concept for the AMELS 60 interior design. Founded in 2005 by Creative Director Mike Fisher, the London-based studio specialises in architecture, interior design and yachts. They bring over 15 years of design experience within luxury super-prime land-based projects, both in the UK and internationally.

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