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Guest Authors

If you are passionate about luxury lifestyle and have a profound appreciation for the finest things in life, you have come to the right place. We are always on the hunt for creative, enticing content, as well as, providing fresh perspectives and luxury insights for our affluent readers and lifestyle aficionados.

Our contributors provide valuable insights to every aspect of luxury lifestyle, including travel, yachting, real estate, fashion, horology, art, tech, culture, news, trends and more. Furthermore, we are proud to feature leading contributors from all the four corners of the globe including lifestyle experts, jet-setting bloggers, celebrity figures, seasoned journalists, business executives and aspiring world travelers.

If you are looking to contribute more than 4-5 articles per month, then you can create your own guest author account and:

  • Increase your following, gain recognition and build your personal brand
  • Include your name, personal bio and profile photo on all your articles
  • Make new friends in our international community of writers
  • Receive complimentary press access to exclusive events & happenings
  • Obtain a written reference for your CV and professional networks

To become a guest author for our lifestyle magazine, please e-mail us with a sample article at contributors@royist.com. Our editorial team will reply back, usually within a week, with the outcome of our decision.

Please note all guest author contributions are provided on a complimentary basis. If you are an experienced freelancer and wish to work alongside us, please don't hesitate to contact us with your business proposal.