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Content Curators

We are seeking lifestyle aficionados and "genuinfluencers" who are passionate about the finest things in life

Here at Royist, we are looking for inspirational content that goes beyond the basics of luxury. If you are a passionate content curator who can provide enticing content and fresh insights for our discerning, jet-setting audience, we would like to hear more from you.

Our curators share valuable knowledge on the finest aspects of luxury travel, including hotel and spa reviews, wellness experiences, private jets, real estate, motors, yachting and more. Furthermore, we are proud to feature leading guest authors from the four corners of the world including lifestyle connoisseurs, influencers, seasoned journalists and world travellers.

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Content Submission Guidelines
  • Content Type — We are currently accepting content submissions covering the very finest hotels, resorts and wellness experiences across the globe
  • Language — Our publications are published in English. Both our audience and contributors reside internationally. We expect each contributor to write in their respective native English language (i.e. UK, US, AUS, CAN etc.).
  • Word Count — The length of your article's content should range between 600 - 900 words, and we would also consider longer pieces in some circumstances.
  • Expectation — We are looking for well-written content, free of grammatical, spelling and factual errors.
  • Style — Your editorials should be written in third person following the AP Stylebook. Your articles should be informational in nature without overly expressing personal opinions.
  • Images — You can submit your articles with or without accompanying images. Our editorial team will clear all images for use on our website.
  • Submissions — For your work to be considered, submit your content using our online form below. If accepted you’ll be notified via e-mail.
  • Biography — If you wish to submit regular content, kindly get in touch with our team, to create your personal author profile on our website.
Contributors' Community

If you wish to submit regular content for Royist as a freelance writer (at least 4-5 articles per month), you can also apply to join our Contributors' Community. Some of the benefits of joining our Contributors' Community include:

  • Exchange ideas, tools and knowledge on global luxury travel
  • Increase your following, gain recognition and build your bylines
  • Your personal biography is included on all of your articles
  • Create your own contributor's profile with links to your social media and webpage
  • Access complimentary training material on luxury travel journalism
  • Benefit from press access opportunities to the finest hotels and luxury resorts
  • Obtain a written reference and company recommendation for your portfolio
Please note content curator contributions are provided on a complimentary basis. If you wish to work alongside our team on a professional capacity, kindly contact us with a business proposal.