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Traditional Japanese hospitality at Hoshinoya Ryokan, Tokyo

The true sanctuary of tranquillity in the middle of the busiest city in the world.
by Justyna Galazka

Japan is a unique country where deep respect for tradition meets the vibrant everyday lifestyle. Tokyo is a real mecca for adventure seekers; offering a variety of restaurants, shopping experiences and technological novelties around every corner. Not many tourists are aware that even in such a busy metropolis the love for tradition stands in the form of Ryokans, Japanese inns, where busy people seek their moment of peace.

Hoshinoya Ryokan is one of the most luxurious Ryokans in the country, located in the city’s economic centre, a short walk from the Imperial Palace. Hoshimoya is structured like a tower, where each floor is an individual 6 –room ryokan allowing guests complete privacy.

Traditional Japanese hospitality at Hoshinoya Ryokan, Tokyo
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All the rooms combine traditional design with contemporary furnishing featuring tatami floors and lights concealed behind the walls. The baths are traditionally deep allowing guests to soak themselves in water thoroughly.

Most of the activities are held in the ochanoma lounge which functions as the shared living room. The guests can choose to participate in a Japanese tea ceremony or enjoy traditional Japanese theatre, watching a Gagaku performance. For guests who seek even more Hoshinoya offers the possibility of renting a helicopter to admire Tokyo from the sky.

Hoshinoya Ryokan deeply asprires to anyone seeking traditional Japanese hospitality.

One of the main features of Hoshimoya is a Hot Spring located on the top floor. Gender divides the baths; an outdoor bath situated in the open-roof room guarantees a fantastic experience with a view of the Tokyo’s sky. Saline in the water helps calm the skin and preserve heat, allowing guests to enjoy the best sort of relaxation. The feathered SPA promises the guest refreshment of both mind and body through a variety of relaxing treatments and massages.

Dining includes traditional Nippon cuisine, utilising the best ingredients japan has to offer. The dishes are based on seasonal products from Japans’ forests and seas.

For anyone seeking traditional Japanese hospitality in the heart of busy Tokyo, the Hoshinoya Ryokan is the right choice, that would provide an unforgettable and relaxing experience.

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