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Janu Tokyo, Japan’s new luxury hospitality destination to open in Autumn 2023

In a dynamic Tokyo district where corporate and creative industries come together, so too do the guests of Janu Tokyo. Share

Pioneering a new direction in luxury hospitality, Aman’s sister brand Janu is set to open its first hotel, Janu Tokyo, this autumn. Translated as ‘soul’ in Sanskrit, Janu will deliver an elevated guest experience akin to Aman, while providing a spirited social scene in contrast to Aman’s whisper-quiet seclusion. Through Janu’s appreciation of cuisine, art, design and service, Janu Tokyo will reflect and celebrate the city’s rich, cultural fabric. Presenting a soulful setting in Tokyo’s much anticipated ‘Modern Urban Village’, Azabudai Hills, Janu Tokyo will feature 122 spacious guest rooms, a vibrant dining scene, one of the largest wellness facilities in the city, as well as invigorating and restorative experiences to rekindle the soul.

Janu Tokyo, Japan’s new luxury hospitality destination to open in Autumn 2023

Thirty years in the making, Azabudai Hills is an 8.1-hectare hub created and managed by Japan’s leading developer Mori Building Co. Ltd.’ This new dynamic heart of the city will thrive in perfect synergy with the values of Janu, which seeks to nurture purposeful connection and to bring people together. Imbuing energy that appeals to those desiring greater purpose and inner contentment—Janu provides a balance between personal fulfilment and relaxation—all underpinned by Aman’s DNA and commitment to the guest experience with timeless design, intuitive service and deep roots in each destination.

Claiming 13 floors in total, from the ground up, Janu Tokyo is located in the B-2 District Tower designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners with interiors by long-term Aman collaborator Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston Architects. All 122 light-filled guest rooms will feature floor-to-ceiling windows with the majority having private balconies with views of the iconic Tokyo Tower or surrounding greenery. Ranging from 55 sqm Deluxe Rooms to the 284 sqm Janu Suite, there will be an abundance of connecting rooms encouraging travel with family and friends.

Janu Tokyo, Japan’s new luxury hospitality destination to open in Autumn 2023

Bringing a contemporary and creative zest for life to Azabudai Hills’ hospitality scene, Janu Tokyo will be home to six restaurants as well as a bar, lounge and garden terrace. Each will exude the brand’s signature energy inspired by connection, balance and exploration, including a patisserie, a vibrant Italian food emporium and a grill restaurant complete with an open kitchen and bar. The property will be home to two Japanese restaurants, the first serving the finest and freshest sushi and the second a sumibiyaki menu. This is in addition to a Chinese restaurant with a host of private dining venues.

The Janu Wellness Centre, spanning over 4,000 sqm, will be one of the largest wellness facilities of any luxury hotel in Tokyo. Entirely rethinking the idea of balance, and with a social wellness and goal setting concept at its core, the space goes above and beyond the common notions of spa with a contemporary take on traditional wellness beliefs.

Janu Tokyo, Japan’s new luxury hospitality destination to open in Autumn 2023

On property, group classes and shared experiences will be realised through a range of facilities including five movement studios offering spinning, boxing, yoga, Pilates and simulated golf training, this is in addition to seven treatment rooms and a large gym featuring functional and circuit training equipment. An extensive hydrotherapy and thermal area, centred around a 25-metre heated lap pool, will also have a separate Lounge Pool, traditionally a place for socialising in Japan, as well as two Spa Houses.

The capital’s newest landmark, Azabudai Hills, is a ‘Modern Urban Village’ in the heart of Tokyo. This new community reflects Janu’s purpose of nurturing kindred spirits and collective moments. This visionary lifestyle district, centred around green spaces and well-being, is planned for completion this year. Led by Mori Building Co. Ltd, Azabudai Hills has one of the world’s leading architects Thomas Heatherwick at the helm, who seamlessly weaves offices, residences, a hotel, an international school, shops, restaurants and cultural facilities into the fabric of everyday life, attracting multi-generations for both work and leisure.

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