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Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

Inspired by its rich heritage, the hotel has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and has reopened as a revitalized grand palace. Share

Established in 1755, the d’Angleterre is an icon and a historic landmark in Copenhagen and Denmark and it is rated as one of the best hotels in Copenhagen and indeed Northern Europe. Celebrated for its elegance, luxury and style, hotel d’Angleterre embodies the perfect balance between the stately Victorian architecture of the historic building and the graceful simplicity of contemporary Nordic design.

The end result is a uniquely elegant combination of rich materials, surfaces, shapes and tones. There are plenty of five-star hotels out there, but none with quite the same spirit as d’Angleterre—and it is this that guests should see, sense and experience the moment they step inside the hotel’s front doors. Balancing legacy and style with intuitive and tailored services, the d’Angleterre will complement the desires of today’s refined travellers as the best Copenhagen accommodation.

Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

For more than 265 years, the hotel d’Angleterre has been located on Kongens Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen—Northern Europe’s coolest capital. We are just a minute’s walk from the centre of Copenhagen—the colourful Nyhavn, the Royal Theatre, King’s Garden and Strøget – Europe’s longest shopping street.

It was at the d’Angleterre that the Danish politician and theologian; Ditlev Gothard Monrad presented his draft of the new constitution to the lawmakers of the day on the 5th of June 1849. The hotel has served as headquarters for German generals and officers during World War II as well as an asylum for war refugees on a number of occasions.

Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen
Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

The d’Angleterre, one of the top 10 hotels in Copenhagen, is the result of a love affair between two young people. In the middle of the 1700’s Jean Marchal, a French servant, and Maria Coppy, daughter of the royal chef, fell in love. Maria was known for her cooking talent and Jean knew everything about serving the privileged. Together Mr and Mrs Marchal established a restaurant on Kongens Nytorv in 1755. This is where the d’Angleterre story begins.

The founder, Jean Marchal and his successors’ talent and sense for providing exceptional service, hospitality and comfort has carried the identity of the d’Angleterre throughout more than 260 years. This tradition is the foundation of the d’Angleterre legacy.

Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

At Hotel d’Angleterre, the renowned restaurant, Marchal, one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, is designed as the indisputable destination for wining and fine dining in this culinary capital. Opened in 2013, Marchal has carried on the legacy of d’Angleterre’s fine dining experiences. Whether you are looking for a lavish breakfast buffet, an extraordinary lunch or a luxurious dining experience, the restaurant and bars at d’Angleterre have it all. Marchal is recommended as the best restaurant in Copenhagen by guest reviews.

Rich materials such as soft carpets, stone, wood, varnish and velour set a luxurious and stylish, yet relaxed interior to treat the eye in the breakfast restaurant, the wine room, the fine dining room serving lunch and dinner and the hotel bar while catering for the different needs of the businessman, the traveller, the lovers, the fashionista and the urbanite.

Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

The d’Angleterre also offers the contemporary Champagne bar, Balthazar, serving more than 160 different Champagne varieties, Champagne cocktails and classic cocktails. The exclusive Champagne Bar is located on the corner of d’Angleterre and faces the streets of inner Copenhagen, which gives the place a special vibe. With a lavish bar menu, you can start the evening with a luxurious pre-dinner snack or stop by after dinner as the cherry on top of the evening. Even though Balthazar is part of d’Angleterre, it has retained its tremendous popularity amongst the local elite.

Inside Hotel D’Angleterre’s historic and magical outpost in Copenhagen

With the only indoor swimming pool in inner Copenhagen, the Amazing Space at d’Angleterre is one of the trendiest spas in Copenhagen and excels at guiding you through soothing and nurturing treatments. A visit to Amazing Space spa is a sensory experience without equal with healthy drinks, aromatherapeutic scents, relaxing music, exotic flowers and a wide selection of beautifying and healing treatments. As a resident guest of hotel d’Angleterre, you will have complimentary access to all facilities and treatments can be booked at a cost.

Amazing Space d’Angleterre has been designed to provide a tranquil environment for the mind, body and soul as a top spa in Copenhagen. Award-winning spa owner Laura Bonné has developed a series of treatments and products that take inspiration from Asian spa traditions and add a dash of Nordic magic.

The result is a Nordic oasis of luxury and beauty—an opportunity for ultimate relaxation, wellness and revitalization.

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