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Equinox Fitness launches Equinox Hotels, redefining modern hospitality

The luxury fitness company is making their mark on the hospitality scene, with the highly-anticipated launch of their first hotel in New York City set for June 2019. Share

The American fitness giant, Equinox, is on a mission to revolutionise travel, fusing health and hospitality into one coherent offering. The brand presents Equinox Hotels as an extension of its commitment to life maximisation, elevating fitness into a lifestyle and crafting a community for those who rest and play as hard as they work. “Health is the new wealth”, says Christopher Norton, the chief executive of Equinox Hotels, and the sentiment reflects within every aspect of the hotel, which intends to reimagine how guests move, eat, sleep, work, and live.

Equinox New York City encourages and nurtures high-performance in its guests, but it is equally geared to provide recovery and relaxation, both close at hand thanks to its cutting-edge amenities. These include the exceptional onsite Club—the largest ever in Equinox’s arsenal—where guests can access the world’s best group and personal training and a performance recovery-driven spa – a 27,000 square foot space which boasts tailored treatments, an indoor salt water pool, hot and cold plunge pools, and the E.scape Pod.

Equinox Fitness launches Equinox Hotels, redefining modern hospitality
Equinox Suite
Photo: Courtesy of Equinox

Driven by its commitment to offer a holistic experience which regenerates the mind and the body, Equinox New York City has redefined the hotel bedroom, transforming every room into an oasis: dark, quiet, and cool. Guests can enjoy total soundproofing, next-generation blackout blinds, and integrated technology for effortless personalization. The king-sized beds are layered with temperature-regulating natural fibres, and an Equinox Sleep Coach is on-hand to ensure guests make the most of every resting moment. Carefully formulated rituals allow for an unprecedented control over one’s mornings and evenings, accompanied by in-room guides and yoga and massage essentials, which are included in every room’s EQX Regenerative Toolkit.

The dining facilities offer a truly immersive sensory experience, with a restaurant that celebrates the farmers, growers, and artisans of the Mid-Atlantic, transforming sublime seasonal ingredients into extraordinary seasonal American cuisine. The science and art of fitness, so revered at Equinox, are manifested in the high-performance and sleep-promoting menus, snacks, and drinks, informed by the latest nutritional research, designed to promote renewal and recovery while inducing pure pleasure. Private dining promises breathtaking views over the city, while the 8,000-squre-foot terrace space is the ultimate urban oasis.

While New York City, Hudson Yards, is Equinox Hotel’s first opening, four additional US locations are planned for launch in the next three years.

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