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Embraer Legacy 650E, an unbeatable workhorse with the longest warranty

With an improved seat upholstery, the Legacy 650E’s comfortable cabin features three distinct zones with abundant privacy. Share

It’s one thing to be proud of an achievement, but it’s another entirely to demonstrate commitment. So, as a testament to the company’s confidence in the Legacy 650E’s heritage of robustness and near-perfect dispatch reliability, this new aircraft carries a 10 year/10,000 flight hour warranty — an amazing new standard unheard of in the business jet industry. In short, no aircraft manufacturer stands more steadfastly behind its product.

With restyled seats, the Legacy 650E’s spacious cabin features three distinct cabin zones with ample space and privacy, plus an optional crew lavatory in the forward cabin. It can fly 3,900 nautical miles with four passengers, with available seating for up to 14 — and its largest-inclass 240 cubic-foot baggage compartment can carry virtually everything passengers might want to bring along.

Embraer Legacy 650E, an unbeatable workhorse with the longest warranty
Photo: Courtesy of Embraer

The Legacy 650E delivers an enhanced level of automation and situational awareness — starting with a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) and auto throttles — both now standard equipment. They’re the perfect complement to the aircraft’s proven Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite. Two iPads with mounting systems are now available in the cockpit as electronic flight bags, so pilots can enjoy a friendlier interface, easier updates and a full range of other tools to support their operation. All of these features reduce cockpit workload and potential errors and create a more intuitive environment.

The longest warranty of any business jet in the world. Unparalleled cabin comfort and convenience. Unbeatable dispatch reliability. And updated avionics. The Legacy 650E delivers all this and more — at a list price that’s millions of dollars less than any competitor in its class, and an operational cost that’s unmatched among large jets.

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