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Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Rome, Hotel Vilòn is a serene and intimate boutique hotel that offers a tranquil oasis overlooking the picturesque Palazzo Borghese private garden. Share

Immersed in the rich history of Rome, Hotel Vilòn quietly sits tucked away in the vibrant heart of the city. A stone’s throw from iconic landmarks like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, this intimate boutique hotel offers a rare, hidden retreat amidst the dynamic Roman cityscape. Converted from a 16th-century Roman palazzo, Hotel Vilòn blends Renaissance-era charm with a contemporary sense of elegance, creating an environment that is both steeped in history and thoroughly modern.

The foundation of Hotel Vilòn is a tale of transformation. This former annexe of a Roman convent, the Conservatory of the Sacred Heart, has been lovingly restored into a 5-star luxury hotel, with respect for its storied past and a keen eye for contemporary design. The hotel’s name itself, ‘Vilòn’, is a nod to its history, inspired by the French word for veil, ‘voile’, symbolizing the protective veil once worn by the nuns.

Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn

As you step into Hotel Vilòn, you are welcomed by a harmonious blend of the old and new. The original architectural features of the palazzo are thoughtfully preserved and combined with modern design elements. Its interiors are styled by noted designer Paolo Bonfini, who infused the hotel with a rich palette of colors and textures. Elegant furnishings, bespoke works of art, and handcrafted wallpaper create a sophisticated ambiance that is distinctly Roman, yet globally appealing.

Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn

Hotel Vilòn offers 18 rooms and suites, each a testament to Italian craftsmanship and aesthetics. The tastefully designed spaces are adorned with curated art pieces and complemented by plush fabrics, from the softest cotton bed linens to the silk and velvet upholstery. Contemporary amenities include interactive TVs, minibars, and bathrooms equipped with exclusive bath products. The high ceilings and tall windows let in abundant natural light and open onto views of the city or the serene private gardens of Palazzo Borghese.

Dining at Hotel Vilòn is an epicurean journey curated by Chef Gabriele Muro. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Adelaide, serves modern Italian cuisine, blending traditional recipes with innovative twists. The artful dishes showcase the rich bounty of the Italian countryside, using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The Bar Vilòn, a chic lounge bar, offers a selection of fine wines and craft cocktails, providing a stylish setting for guests to unwind.

Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn
Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn

For wellness aficionados, Hotel Vilòn offers a fitness area complete with modern equipment, ensuring guests can maintain their fitness routines. Concierge services cater to every need, from arranging guided city tours to booking theater tickets or recommending local dining spots. The hotel’s distinctive brand of personalized service ensures that every stay is memorable.

One of Hotel Vilòn’s distinguishing features is its unique location, overlooking the private gardens of the historic Palazzo Borghese. Few hotels in Rome can boast such a rare setting, which provides a tranquil retreat from the bustling city. These gardens, with their ancient statues, fountains, and rare botanical species, imbue the hotel with an atmosphere of exclusive tranquility.

Embracing Roman elegance: The Unparalleled Experience at Hotel Vilòn
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vilòn

Hotel Vilòn pays homage to the city’s past while firmly standing in the present. The walls of the hotel, enriched by centuries of history, now enclose spaces where contemporary design, comfort, and luxury thrive. It isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of Rome, where history is alive and breathes in synchrony with modernity.

This luxurious sanctuary in the heart of Rome provides a deeply personalized experience of the Eternal City. It merges a timeless sense of style with an unerring commitment to service, ensuring that every guest feels like an honored member of the Roman elite. In Hotel Vilòn, the past isn’t something that’s merely remembered—it’s something that guests can touch, see, and feel as they enjoy the finest amenities and services that 21st-century hospitality has to offer. This is the charm of Hotel Vilòn – a time capsule of Roman elegance, lovingly presented in a modern package.

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