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Cheval Blanc Paris, a new contemporary haven in the heart of the City of Light

The Maisons Cheval Blanc collection is opening its first city residence right in the beating heart of Paris, the Group’s birthplace. Share

The Louvre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Notre-Dame, Châtelet, Île de la Cité, too… With the Seine flowing along in the background. An emblematic Art Deco building and an art of living on the riverbank, where the very essence and character of Paris — historical grandeur and modern effervescence — merge, all within walking distance. Here in the Paris that Parisians so admire, Cheval Blanc Paris fosters a spirit of convivial elegance. And invites you in, to stay, at liberty to do as you please.

More than just an address, Cheval Blanc Paris is a destination in itself, dedicated to creating true Epicurean harmony. One that speaks to, and wins over, the senses, suspending time to forge lasting memories. Choice moments that are both tailormade and private, always. With 72 rooms and suites, and the authentic taste of multifaceted gastronomic cuisine. A spacious terrace with panoramic views of Paris on the horizon is a true privilege.

In a haven of bliss with a vast swimming pool and a spa that offers a range of exclusive treatments. The Carrousel, designed especially for children, is a safe harbour. Take time out to contemplate, if you like. Or take in the pace of Parisian life, if you’d rather. To find yourself or be together. As a family. Among friends… Magic and enchantment are capital here, in every sense of the word.

Cheval Blanc Paris, a new contemporary haven in the heart of the City of Light
Photo: Courtesy of Cheval Blanc
Decor—Living Perfection

The place for enjoying the good life in every sense of the word. Interior designer Peter Marino has conceived Cheval Blanc Paris as a Paris Residence, a matchless living space. Each of his choices meets a prerequisite for know-how to create a unique identity. Monumental masons and stonemasons, gilders, stonecutters and metalworkers have all contributed to the task, as masters of their trade, and guarantors of French craftsmanship designed to last. They are also the guarantors of incomparable added value that only human hands can provide. Every item of furniture has been custom made, every object chosen specially.

Nothing has been left to chance: from the ten or so different types of marble, to the graphic embossing in a palette of subtle mineral hues. Pure light is used in diverse forms create a variety of moods: in the rooms and suites, laid out around wide panoramic views; in the spa for a private apartment feel; in the swimming pool with its wave mosaics; and in the gastronomic restaurant with its contemporary intimate character throughout. Far more than just spaces, they are places bathed in an aura of harmony. Cheval Blanc Paris: the quintessential urban resort. Where you take up residence. And feel completely at home.

Architecture—The Seine on Show

Set in a historic edifice, Cheval Blanc Paris respects and carries on the tradition of the Art Deco masterpiece designed by Henri Sauvage in 1928. A window open onto the Seine which architect Édouard François has embellished with a more contemporary dimension. To achieve this, four priorities have been adhered to: The first is the view, to create an immersive panorama through the bay windows on the façade with a staggering view of the horizon from the 650m2 landscaped terrace.

The second is space, which is a true privilege in any city, if ever there was one, with only 72 rooms and suites. The interior features outstanding spaces of up to 1000m2 for the private apartment with its own pool, spa and lift — with 2 communicating suites of 350m2 and 650m2. The third is harmonious perspectives, to facilitate entry and exit. The fourth is to create a relaxing mood that beckons guests to stay on.

Cheval Blanc Paris, a new contemporary haven in the heart of the City of Light
Chef Arnaud Donckele
Photo: Courtesy of Cheval Blanc
Savouring every minute

Consider each and every moment as a unique experience. At the very heart of Cheval Blanc Paris, gastronomy sets the pace day and night as a hallmark of conviviality. A wellspring of the myriad sensations Paris has to offer, from one place to another. A stone’s throw from the lobby, there are a variety of places to meet up and enjoy life’s many pleasures locally, treat yourself to a delicious pastry, or an exciting signature cocktail. If you’re looking to enjoy a true taste of Paris as a Parisian, this is the place to be.

The first-floor gastronomic restaurant with, at the helm Arnaud Donckele, who is also the chef at the Vague d’Or in Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, turns time on its head. The experience of subtle flavours is one that you will long savour, with a palette of unforgettable mouthwatering delicacies. On the 7th floor, adjacent to the 650m2 terrace — true paradise on earth — the contemporary brasserie revives the traditional joys of a meal at any time of day. In private, the Table de Partage invites you to savour, taste and discover superlative cuisine among family and friends. As in all the best Maisons. As in finest homes.

The spirit of art

An art of living devoted to art. And, beyond the works of art, offer an experience: Cheval Blanc has always sought to elevate our visual perception. It is therefore quite natural for the Parisian Maison to carry on this undertaking. It is neither a museum, nor a gallery: the works are displayed in living and lively fashion, where Sonia Delaunay paintings cross paths with works by Claude Lalanne, sculptures by Philippe Anthonioz, canvases by Vik Muniz, and pieces by Laurence Montano, to name but a few. Amid Modernist and contemporary avant-garde treasures, the aesthetic is a window open wide on to the world of artistic creation as a whole.

Cheval Blanc Paris, a new contemporary haven in the heart of the City of Light
Photo: Courtesy of Cheval Blanc
LVMH Hotel Management

Developed by LVMH Hotel Management, Cheval Blanc is a brand of exceptional Maisons. The first one, Cheval Blanc Courchevel, opened in 2006 in Courchevel, followed by Cheval Blanc Randheli, which opened in the Maldives in autumn 2013. The brand has continued its development with the opening of Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France in the French West Indies in October 2014, Cheval Blanc St-Tropez in 2019 as well as future projects, namely in London and within La Samaritaine in Paris. LVMH Hotel Management also runs White 1921 Courchevel and White 1921 SaintTropez.

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