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The McLaren 750S is the most powerful series production McLaren to be ever made

The new McLaren 750S has arrived, setting a new—and exhilarating—benchmark for supercar performance and driver engagement. Share

Available in both Coupé and Spider guise, the new 750S is the lightest and most powerful series-production McLaren ever, raising the strengths of the celebrated 720S to thrilling new heights. Remarkably, the 750S is 30kg lighter than its predecessor, tipping the scales at a lightest possible dry weight of 1,277kg, thanks to its advanced carbon fibre monocoque construction and the meticulous approach taken to each and every component. Details include carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and new alloy wheels, the lightest ever fitted as standard on a series-production McLaren.

The McLaren 750S is the most powerful series production McLaren to be ever made

McLaren’s already powerful twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine has been further developed with higher turbo boost pressure and a new twin fuel pump, to produce 750PS and 800Nm. These outputs result in astonishing performance: the new 750S is capable of rocketing from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in 7.2 seconds (7.3 in the Spider)—quicker than all of its closest competitors. And with 800Nm of torque, the new supercar eclipses the petrol-engine outputs of the legendary McLaren P1™ (737PS and 720Nm). These numbers underline not only the incredible rate of progress but also the astonishing levels of performance available to McLaren 750S drivers.

The figures give the facts, but it is the visceral sensation of performance and speed that astounds and excites. From the moment the V8 comes to life, through the immense torque delivery in the twin-turbo engine’s mid-range and the thrilling climb to the rev limiter at 8,500rpm, the driver’s emotional connection to the 750S is extraordinary, and an experience that is becoming increasingly rare and sought after.

The McLaren 750S is the most powerful series production McLaren to be ever made

McLaren’s hydraulically linked Proactive Chassis Control—now in its third iteration—has also received a number of hardware and software changes, giving the 750S even greater dynamic breadth. Meanwhile, a new McLaren Control Launcher (MCL) adds yet another dimension to the driver’s interface with the car. This technology makes its debut on the 750S and allows the driver to personalise their McLaren driving experience by storing a bespoke dynamic preference—their favourite combination of aero, handling, powertrain and transmission settings—to be instantly recalled with a push of the MCL button.

Fans of the 720S will recognise its successor, but the 750S refines the design with a host of aerodynamic tweaks including an extended front splitter, narrower eye-socket intakes and a striking, central-exit exhaust inspired by the McLaren P1. There’s also a new, larger rear wing and new meshing to improve cooling.

The McLaren 750S is the most powerful series production McLaren to be ever made

Altogether the changes aim to deliver a more compelling, engaging experience—the McLaren 750S is a supercar that promises to get the very best out of every driver, raising the bar in its immersive feel. The interior of the 750S fuses innovative technology with exquisite materials, but most importantly is even more driver-focused in design.

At the heart of the driver experience are new displays—both for information and instruments, with the instrument display fitted to—and moving with—the steering column. This driver-centric display is mounted in a binnacle that has the controls to select Powertrain and Handling modes located are on either side, meaning the driver can move effortlessly between Comfort, Sport and Track Active Dynamic settings while keeping their hands on the wheel and a complete focus on the road ahead.

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