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Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

The T.33 is engineered to be the world's most beautiful and most accomplished two-seat supercar. Share

The T.33 Spider from Gordon Murray Automotive combines the beautiful, timeless design of the T.33 with an even more immersive and engaging driving experience. With two removable roof panels, a deployable rear window and the naturally-aspirated Cosworth GMA.2 V12 behind the cabin, there is no other supercar like it.

Developed in parallel with the T.33 and sharing the same Ultralight carbon fibre monocoque construction, the T.33 Spider has been meticulously engineered to deliver the exceptional torsional stiffness needed for outstanding ride, handling and agility without adding unnecessary weight. In achieving all these targets, and by adhering to GMA’s seven core principles, the T.33 Spider sets a new benchmark for open supercars.

Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

Spider: an evocative name perfectly suited to the breath-taking, timeless T.33. Like its coupe stablemate, T.33 Spider is the very embodiment of GMA’s Return to Beauty ethos, but with looks which promise an even more involving driving experience. Inspired by iconic designs from the 1960s but with the perfect proportions and flowing surfaces crafted from carbon fibre and executed with a purity and relentless attention to detail, this is a supercar like no other. To deliver the design vision defined by the very first sketches, every surface from the A-pillar backwards is unique to the T.33 Spider, yet it clearly shares its DNA with the T.33.

Made from lightweight carbon composite, the panels can be specified in a range of colours. To enhance usability, they can be stowed neatly in the front luggage compartment when not in use. The rear glass drops behind the rear bulkhead at the press of a switch—roof on or off—to complete the immersive Spider experience.

Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

Simple, elegant, analogue: the T.33’s interior embodies these defining qualities and delivers a truly driver-focused environment. Befitting a supercar, the focal point of the instrument cluster is the 120mm, floodlit and defiantly analogue centrally-mounted rev counter. Calibrated to 11,100 rpm it clearly signals the Cosworth GMA V12’s performance potential. Either side are secondary displays for climate control and infotainment, the latter featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

One of the unique interior features distinguishing the T.33 Spider from the coupe is that the rear bulkhead trim between the two seats is now body coloured. With the roof panels removed and rear glass down, this subtly enhances the feeling of openness through the exterior colour flowing into the cabin.

Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

The fixed rear section of the roof, which provides rollover protection, is an integral part of the body design to optimise stiffness while delivering the design vision. Its form is carefully optimised to minimise drag and buffeting when the panels are not fitted, this faired-in design being more streamlined than the twin ‘humps’ behind the seats that are typical of a speedster body style.

Developed in parallel with the coupe, the T.33 programme was Spider-led, which meant that all torsional rigidity targets were set for the Spider body structure. This ensured no compromises to structural integrity and avoided the weight increases which typically arise from the traditional approach of adding reinforcements and bracing.

Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

Just like its coupe stablemate, the heart of the T.33 Spider is the exemplary Cosworth GMA.2 V12. This extraordinary all-aluminium powerplant is designed according to motorsport principles in partnership with Cosworth to deliver GMA’s exacting brief: lightest, highest specific output, highest revving, fastest response.

Addressing the fundamentals of high-performance engine design, the dry-sump, 3.9-litre unit features a 65-degree cylinder bank angle for optimum packaging within the monocoque, and contributing to the car’s low centre of gravity. Obsessively weight-optimised, the exquisite exhaust manifolds are crafted from inconel—lightweight and capable of withstanding extremes of temperature.

Gordon Murray introduces the new T.33 Spider Supercar

In response to overwhelming customer demand for the manual gearbox on the T.33 coupe, the Spider is offered exclusively with this transmission. Developed with world-renowned motorsport supplier Xtrac, this six-speed unit—like the V12 it is matched to—is designed to be as mass-efficient as possible. At only 82 kg, there is no lighter supercar transmission, and it delivers the quick, smooth, precision shifts that enthusiasts demand and expect.

The powertrain is completed by a multi-plate clutch which delivers the required torque capacity with minimal inertia, and a mechanical limited-slip differential. Compared with electronically-controlled units, this design ensures that the driver has ultimate control over the vehicle’s responses and handling balance at all times.

The T.33 Spider, like the T.33, will have EU and Federal type approval. Every one of the 100 production examples will be lovingly hand-built at Highams Park, GMA’s all-new bespoke headquarters at Windlesham in the UK, and each will be tailored to its customer’s specific requirements.

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