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Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

The most technologically advanced Cadillac ever is designed to be the world’s first all-electric ultra-luxury sedan. Share

Cadillac has drawn from every era and element of its rich heritage to deliver the most advanced, most luxurious and one of the most important vehicles the brand has ever produced. The Cadillac CELESTIQ is a handcrafted, all-electric, ultra-luxury flagship that reestablishes the iconic brand as the Standard of the World, while serving as the flagship for the brand’s electric future. The CELESTIQ story is built on legacy, with its design, cutting-edge technology, and personalized luxury rooted in Cadillac’s history of building handcrafted, iconic vehicles such as the 1933 V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and the 1957 Eldorado Brougham.

Each CELESTIQ is personally commissioned—no two will be alike. Clients will work directly with their selected dealer and Cadillac designers to realize their unique vision for the car, with unprecedented levels of personalization tailored to reflect the owner’s tastes. This unique and individualized experience is augmented by Cadillac’s global leadership in electrification, available hands-free driver assistance technology and connected services. CELESTIQ sets the benchmark for handcrafted, multisensory and immersive EV luxury experiences.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

The client’s journey is fully bespoke, with a highly personalized experience led by their chosen CELESTIQ dealer in collaboration with a one-on-one concierge to guide them, as well as access to a Cadillac designer and exclusive services. This process will be meticulously curated to forge a unique relationship between Cadillac, the client and their CELESTIQ through the Custom Commissioned build process.

To create the most unique and expressive Cadillac ever, the CELESTIQ team rethought everything, resulting in the most technologically advanced vehicle in the brand’s history. This technological innovation enables CELESTIQ to be the ultimate expression of ultra-luxury and client customization.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

CELESTIQ channels the power of the revolutionary Ultium Platform, which is the foundation for CELESTIQ’s exhilarating performance and range. This dedicated EV propulsion architecture combines a 111-kWh battery pack and a two-motor, all-wheel-drive propulsion system to offer a GM-estimated 600 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque—and a GM-estimated driving range of 300 miles1 (483 km) on a full charge.

Unique among Ultium-based EVs are CELESTIQ’s 11.59:1 front and 11.63:1 rear gear ratios, which were specially calibrated to optimize range and performance. In addition to the impressive horsepower and torque, the vehicle is also projected to deliver one of the quickest 0-60-mph accelerations in the segment of 3.8 seconds.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

The Ultium Platform also serves as a structural element of the vehicle, contributing to its overall strength and feeling of solidity, in addition to its performance. The CELESTIQ’s battery cells are mounted horizontally, enabling the vehicle’s long, low and lean proportions, while the low mounting position of the pack drops the vehicle’s center of gravity, enhancing handling and ride comfort, as well as maximizing interior spaciousness.

The CELESTIQ architecture also incorporates a unique 48-volt electrical system that’s driven by a digital electrical architecture of its own, which supports the vehicle’s advanced technologies and features. More than 30 virtual controls accommodate the vehicle’s high levels of seat and climate customization without the need for traditional buttons and switches.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

The silhouette of CELESTIQ is immediately striking. It is a bold, fastback profile, challenging the ultra-luxury space with the spirit of futurism and the avant-garde. The boldness of the grille and the vertical lighting signatures flow seamlessly into the sloping windshield, creating a harmony of surfaces. CELESTIQ breathes ultra-luxury, but with an edge, a sense of modernity unlike anything else in its segment.

Every metal surface seen on the exterior of the vehicle is real metal — including an aluminum grille, brushed aluminum bodyside, aluminum eTrunk™ lining, rocker, taillamp and headlamp trim, and brushed metal liftgate body openings. The aluminum grille and Goddess in the fender is milled into cast aluminum, then the piece is machine-polished, brushed and tinted. The Goddess trim also features a unique crystal element to house premium LED lighting elements.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

The CELESTIQ interior is where Cadillac’s Art of Travel design philosophy is fully realized, the craftsmanship is evident the moment a client enters in the cabin, the sensory experience is ignited through the use of authentic materials and indulgent details. The client-selected hand-wrapped materials, immersive interior lighting, and embellishments embody Cadillac’s vision for exclusivity and customization.

Sound is a fundamental component of the CELESTIQ sensory experience that plays a vital, complementary role to the visual and tactile elements. Designers and engineers approached CELESTIQ sound features holistically, involving them in almost every aspect of the driving experience to elevate clients’ sense of place and environment.

Cadillac CELESTIQ establishes new standard of automotive luxury

To deliver a Cadillac unlike any other, CELESTIQ is the recipient of a commensurately advanced quality program. It’s the most ambitious in the brand’s 120-year history, leveraging the full weight of its global testing centers for real-world validation, as well as the capabilities of state-of-the-art virtual testing that helps to reduce development time.

Every CELESTIQ will be constructed at the General Motors Global Technical Center, in Warren, Michigan9. It will be the first production vehicle ever produced at the company’s 66-year-old landmark design and engineering campus, with $81 million invested to support it. CELESTIQ is expected to go into production in December 2023, with an expected MSRP10 to begin north of $300,000 and increase based on level of personalization. CELESTIQ availability by waitlist only.

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