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Bugatti’s new showroom in Paris features the new corporate design of the French luxury brand

The partner in Paris is the Groupe Schumacher, which has been in the automotive business since 1947. With this latest showroom opening, Bugatti now has 36 dealers in 17 countries. Share

Bugatti’s new home in Paris is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, at 181 Avenue Achille Peretti. The showroom is situated on the ground floor to offer high visibility towards the street for the customers, but also for passing-by enthusiasts. At the moment, they will be able to lay their eyes on a Chiron Sport1 in visible full blue carbon, as well as a modern, technical, yet cozy new corporate design. It has been translated into every detail of the facility – the white Bugatti lettering outside, the homely furniture contrasting with the fair-faced concrete inside, or the big state-of-the-art power wall for customer configurations.

Bugatti’s new showroom in Paris features the new corporate design of the French luxury brand
Photo: Courtesy of Bugatti

Just like the Bugatti hyper sports cars, the showroom also relied on manual craftsmanship rather than industrial production. Another parallel: while back home in Molsheim the Bugatti Atelier and Château are surrounded by wildlife with trees and fallow deer among others, the showroom in Paris extends its lounge area into an idyllic garden. “We envisioned a place where, in absolute discretion and confidentiality, we would be able to welcome our clients and give them a tailored service. A place in Paris where time stops”, concludes Edouard Schumacher.

This new showroom marks a return to Paris for Bugatti. Almost 100 years ago, Bugatti founder Ettore set up the brand’s first showroom in the Avenue Montaigne. Even though in 1909 he had chosen Molsheim in Alsace for his headquarters and production site, Ettore was drawn to Paris, the capital of the intellectual Avant-garde. It was here that some of his best clients lived or at least conducted business. Ettore spent an important part of his professional and private life in the French capital. Today, the spirit of Ettore Bugatti will live on in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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