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Versace Tribute Collection for Summer 2018

Versace have created a new tribute collection, which is now available for Summer 2018. It is crafted by re- creating Gianna Versace's iconic designs.
by Katy Prophet

The long- awaited tribute collection by Versace is available online to buy, following its staging in September of last year. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the murder of Gianna Versace, an icon in the world of haute couture, and so his sister and fellow designer, Donatella Versace created this collection as a tribute to her brother, stating that the collection is to celebrate:

The whole collection, including the prints and specific pieces are taken from the Versace archives between his most famous years (between 1991 and 1995), and consequently are directly from the inspiration of Gianna Versace. Between these years Versace gained even more fame for his designs. He was famous then for his bold and daring prints, the high- waisted jean trend, extravagant jewellery, chain detailing and so many more specific designs relevant to the Versace brand, which because of his sister Donatella Versace are again making a come back for this summer.

A huge feature of the re- created collection is the starfish, Medusa and shell print, known as the trésor de la mer SS’92 print which is taken directly from the old archives of Versace. Donatella Versace has taken this inspiration and created new pieces such as the trésor de la mer rings, the silk blouses and skirts. These garish, brightly coloured prints are evidently inspired by Gianna Versace’s works as he strongly believed that the garish could align perfectly with the beautiful.

Versace’s famous Barocco print has also been incorporated into the new collection, with the famous block colour background and yellow chain detailing across, this print screams bold, daring and powerful.

These iconic prints have also been incorporated into the Versace sunglasses in the new Versace eyewear collection. These sunglasses are bold and garish, not letting the clothing with the same prints down. The Versace pre- fall 18 eyewear collection has been combined with the tribute collection to create these garish eyewear designs.

These bold and loud prints are not the only designs Versace was famous for and the collection also features block colours, such as pastel blue, black with hardware, pastel pink. The choice is yours in terms of which iconic trend you pick up on with this new release tribute collection as it combines so many of Gianna Versace’s famous works.

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