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Gucci X Harry Styles Tailored Campaign

Harry Styles is the new face of Gucci's men's tailored campaign and the first shoot features a chip shop, a dog and a chicken.
by Katy Prophet

The official Gucci Instagram have recently shared the images from their new male tailored campaign, with Harry Styles as the new face of the collection. The collection features tailored men’s suits by Allesandro Michele. The formal wear campaign includes suits of different designs, accessories (such as sunglasses, jewellery,backpacks and ties).

The Instagram posts (shot by Glen Luchford) feature Harry Styles wearing an embroidered collar detail design Marseille jacket, with a green checkered shirt underneath. In one shot he is wearing an all grey matching suit with a formal vest and tie. The Heritage retro check jacket and all other Gucci designs from the campaign can be bought online.

The set was one which was unexpected, however has been rumored since March as Styles was seen on set. The set features a chip shop, a dog and a chicken. Gucci even termed the chipshop a ‘chippy’, in the second (out of a total three) Instagram posts.

The dogs feature in the third and final post by Gucci, where Harry Styles can be seen feeding the dogs his chip shop food, and Gucci’s post describes this as Styles ‘ordering it and sharing it with the animals’. The creative art director Christopher Simmonds definitely did something different with this campaign in combining the luxury with the everyday. Incorporating the animals demonstrates the flamboyancy of both Gucci and Styles (who is famous for his garish looks).

Gucci designer, Allesandro Michele, wished to re- brand Gucci when he took over the designer role in 2015. He wanted to make it more modern and change it from its minimalistic look into a brand which was more flamboyant and recognizable, he certainly has stuck to this promise in this mid 2018 collection launch. The suit designs are bold and the shoots themselves even more so, it leaves us questioning what Michele is still yet to achieve for the Gucci brand.