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Gucci Wooster Makes its Soho Debut in New York

Gucci opened its newest Soho location on Wooster Street this past May. This new location creates an eclectic environment for customers, embracing the artistic roots of the area.
by Seraiah Wells

With over 550 Gucci store locations around the world, the newest Gucci location on Wooster Street has really made its mark on the Soho streets. This unique and intrinsic location embraces the individualistic philosophy of the iconic fashion brand. while mixing various textures, patterns, and themes to create a unique decor, transforming an aging, 155-year-old building. Gucci Wooster is part of the movement appealing to the creative and artistic crowds in the area to connect customers to Gucci and reveal products through a unique, emotional experience.

A new way to experience the eclectic and creative philosophy of the House, presenting Gucci Wooster. -Gucci

The contrasting colors and various shaping showcases creativity and serves as a traditional example of unconventional fashion. The Wooster location embraces the modern Italian style with wooden flooring and raw, tin ceilings, with a splash of hot pinks, mustard-toned yellow, and red velvet in conjunction with the traditional Gucci prints.

Gucci Wooster Makes its Soho Debut in New York
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

The new 10,000 square foot storefront is turning heads with its’ creative spirits while embracing the surrounding artistic Soho heritage. This Wooster space immerses customers in a vintage atmosphere with ‘glasses-free’ 3D screens displaying films, creative projects, and more specifically a four-part documentary in collaboration with Freize, directed by Wu Tsang and Adam Csoka Keller. There are no rules to fashion and Gucci continues to define its own boundaries at 63 Wooster Street, New York.

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