lifestyle /Style Graff acquires the Meya Prosperity diamond Following an exciting year of important diamond acquisitions, Graff has purchased a 476 carat stone from Sierra Leone, further enhancing their repertoire of famous and historic diamonds.
by Katie Upton

The 29th largest diamond ever uncovered, and the 5th largest from Sierra Leone; the Meya Prosperity diamond was recently discovered in the Kono District by Meya Mining and was unearthed just five days after final sign-off of the newly-built mining plant. Such a discovery marks a promising future for the region, and the mine is hopeful that the unearthed treasure and future discoveries will lead to substantial change and development for Sierra Leone.

Shortly after the discovery, Laurence Graff said – “This year we have acquired four of the most important diamonds in history, we are extremely proud to be the custodians of such exceptionally rare stones. Our expert team will now spend time analysing the Meya Prosperity, and the coming months will bring much excitement as we begin to unveil the results of cutting and polishing these incredible stones. We will soon reveal some of the most fabulous and valuable diamonds that the world has ever seen.”

Graff has now acquired, cut and polished the majority of the top 21 largest stones of the 21st century, reaffirming their unrivalled reputation for the creating the most fabulous jewels in the world.

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