lifestyle /Style Gentle Fluidity by Maison Francis Kurkdjian: A Changing Society Where The Expression Of Personality Takes Center Stage “The same notes for two identities.” Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian engages with gender identity for his new creation Gentle Fluidity.
by Royist Lifestyle

A single name is shared by two fragrance creations composed from the same ingredients, but proposing resolutely distinct olfactory identities, mirroring changes in contemporary society. Since September 2009 Maison Francis Kurkdjian has molded olfactory matter to extract its full potential. The perfumer boldly challenges codes with his new creation, Gentle Fluidity, a fragrance with a dual identity that transcends gender-based categories. Neither feminine nor masculine nor unisex, Gentle Fluidity reflects a changing society where the expression of personality takes center stage.

To craft this perfume duo, the Maison’s inhouse perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, has executed a stunning exercise in composition. Drawing from the same list of ingredients – including juniper berry, nutmeg and coriander seed essences, musks, ambery woods and vanilla – he modulated the doses to create two distinct scents.

The two signatures differ in the unique balance of their formulations, as well as the colors and letters employed for their names.  “Gentle fluidity”, an aromatic woody fragrance, is in silver, with a capital G, while “gentle Fluidity”, an oriental musk interpretation, opts for gold and a capital F.

To visually celebrate the duality of the new perfume duo, the Maison has called on talents including digital artist Hugo Arcier, who shot a buoyant 3D film featuring Francis Kurkdjian’s office.

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