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Elie Saab Debuts Game of Thrones-Inspired Couture Collection

From tumbling locks and feathered gowns to armour-like catsuits, the Lebanese designer’s collection was reminiscent of fearless women from a faraway land Share

The Game of Thrones fever found its way to the runway as renowned designer and master couturier Elie Saab unveiled his Fall 2018 collection in Paris.

Elie builds a narrative inside a medieval court where warrior queens and princesses sashayed down the catwalk clad in fully embroidered and embellished gowns, a signature Elie Saab creation.

In fact, the splendours of the medieval court, with its warrior queens and ethereal princesses, gave Saab the perfect narrative for his signature embroidered gowns in his collection this season.

Called The Tale of Fallen Kings, Elie pictures “fallen kings, defeated by a fearless and heroic sisterhood…bright and brave warrior queens they were, are, and forever will be.” Models wore long pale gowns made out of tulle and feathers, adorned with gold circlets. Some are enveloped in floor-sweeping cloaks embroidered with heraldic symbols. All gleamed in regal beauty but fueled with the seduction of a fairytale that showcases the heroism of women warriors.

There was a fairy-tale quality to the ensemble, with princesses in richly embroidered cloaks, with fur trims matching velvet purses that dangled from their wrists on golden beaded chains.

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