lifestyle /Style Christian Louboutin, Showroom For Fall 18 Focusing on a range of boots and heeled sandals we see Louboutin's timeless tradition of glamour, beauty and fierce haute couture.
by Lara Katie Thomas

For the start of May, we thought we would give you a peak at the newly released showroom collection for Christian Louboutin. With glamorous designs set in miniature, interior vignettes, we see a selection of the stunning collection.

Christian looked to the creative freedom of 60’s and 70’s interiors to reimagine the new collection as true objets d’art.

Christian Louboutin, Showroom For Fall 18
Photo: Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin, Showroom For Fall 18
Photo: Christian Louboutin

Working with various prints, some simplistic and some detailed with gems, stones and gorgeous materials, Christian has created yet another perfect collection that will make you feel like a Louboutin Queen. Feel like you’re on the red carpet with shoes that could get you away with wearing anything, yet still be the best dressed in the room.

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Lara Thomas lives in North Wales and is the editor-in-chief of Haute Couture at Royist. Lara also runs a lifestyle, mental health and fashion blog and in her spare time she works on The PDHH Project helping women across the globe. She also freelances in photography, fashion design and political creative writing.
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