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Christian Louboutin Launches New “Trash” Collection

French luxury designer Christian Louboutin celebrates the process of creation in its newest collection "Loubi in Progress".
by Reema Vaidya

One person’s trash is another person’s Louboutin. The Loubi in Progress collection gives tribute to the brand’s history by incorporating simplistic yet bold touches to its designs which emerged in the AW11 collection.

The new designs highlight aspects of the brand’s original shopping bags using kraft paper and red lining along with the famous white stamped Christian Louboutin logo. The kraft paper is torn up, cut and assembled by hand into collages under a glossy layer. Christian Louboutin’s process of creation merges elements of reconstruction and high fashion to form a collection that spotlights minimalism.

“Redefining deconstruction as the new construction, Loubi in Progress gives a stylistic nod to Christian Louboutin’s iconic “Trash” technique.”

“The final touch: the shade “Loubi” is born. The rich, true red Christian Louboutin is known for comes to life as an all-over shade for the first time ever and for seasons to come.”

The Loubi in Progress collection is now available in stores and online.

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