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American Retailer Nordstrom Opens First Men’s Flagship in New York

Nordstrom has opened its first full-line standalone men's flagship in New York City. The three-level 47,000-square-foot store offers unique brand experiences and elevated services. Share

Among the store’s offerings, an official Nordstrom release highlighted the efforts of Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s VP of creative projects, who has “curated a special Comme des Garçons shop that will feature one of the largest local selections of the fashion house’s coveted brands.”

Other unique brand experiences include the first ever men’s designer shops for Valentino, Calvin Klein, Dior and Balenciaga. The brand spaces are tied together with a metal chainmail motif while still expressing each brand’s unique identity through differentiated fixture systems.

The Nordstrom men’s store is now open at 235 West 57th Street in New York City.

The Nordstrom men’s flagship also features branded footwear destinations from the Nike Men’s Project and Christian Louboutin. Levi’s has a Tailor Shop in the department store which offers customers access to the brand’s Authorized Vintage collection, one of the largest vintage denim collections on the market. The brand is also offering a customization service, as is watch company Shinola.

Indeed, customization is one of the ways that Nordstrom has integrated digital into the men’s in-store experience: through made-to-measure suiting and shirt brands base that use tech platforms. Samuelson Custom Suit Visualizer, for example, is an interactive digital made-to-measure suiting experience, while Eton Endless Aisle offers shirts and ties that can be browsed using a touchscreen.

Nordstrom has also added a fully stocked bar called the Clubhouse Bar, which serves lobster rolls and hand-crafted cocktails. There will also be a coffee shop which will brew locally roasted beans, as well as offering draft beer.