Nolita Social

This “underground” social lounge offers music and cocktails, encouraging a place that is small, intimate and seductive
Nolita Social, Cocktail Lounge Bar, Knightsbridge, London

In true ‘Dolce Vita’ style, evenings continue at the hotel in the underground bar Nolita Social, named after New York’s most charming neighbourhood, North of Little Italy.

Located downstairs from Sette restaurant and also available for exclusive private hire, Nolita Social brings the energy of ‘the New York night’ to London, with a heady mix of crafted cocktails, live music and DJs.

The private dining room is the perfect place to start a night, before moving through to join the entertainment in the main bar and lounge space. Nolita Social is located downstairs from Sette, with its entrance at 4 Knightsbridge Green.

Nolita Social
Cocktail Lounge
4 Knightsbridge Grn, SW1X 7Q
Knightsbridge, London
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