Manetta's Bar

This luxurious locale with 1930s style showcases inventive cocktails in a warm, intimate setting
Manetta’s Bar, Cocktail Lounge, Flemings Mayfair Hotel, London

Plush velvet, supple black upholstery and polished rose gold set the scene for some seriously stylish sips in an ambience redolent of the glamorous 1930s. During this time, Manetta's was the favourite hangout for the cognoscenti from the worlds of literature and the arts, who mingled with celebrated rakes and aristos.

The Manetta’s of the thirties was immortalised in the works of Agatha Christi. The clientele may have changed a little over time, but the atmosphere still lives on, making Manetta one of Mayfair's best cocktail bars.

You will also cherish cocktails with names like the 'A Portrait Of A Young Man' and portraits of esteemed writers such as James Joyce and Gertrude Stein on the walls of this fine establishment.

Manetta's Bar
Cocktail Lounge
7-12 Half Moon St, W1J 7BH
Mayfair, London
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