Pied à Terre
Pied à Terre is stylish and unique, presenting classic French dining with a subtle reference to Greek heritage
London Guide | Pied à Terre, French Cuisine, Fitzrovia

Pied à Terre is the longest standing independent Michelin Starred restaurant in London and the UK. It was founded in 1991 and is still owned and run by David Moore.

Executive Chef Asimakis Chaniotis’s classic French cuisine, with reference to his Greek heritage, is presented in a fashionably elegant and sophisticated setting.

Outstanding food, award-winning service and one of the best wine cellars in the capital are some of the accolades Pied à Terre is known for. Menus are varied in price and cover all dining preferences including vegetarian and vegan private dining menus.

At Pied à Terre, you will also find a range of exciting dining and culinary experiences. These range from masterclasses to learn tips and techniques for your own home cooking, spend the day in a professional kitchen, bring your friends and family to dine in the private dining rooms or be seated at the spectacular Chef’s Table.

restaurant name
Pied à Terre
34 Charlotte St, W1T 2NH
Fitzrovia, London
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