COYA Dubai

COYA brings the spirit of Incan heritage to the Middle East with an award-winning contemporary Peruvian venue
COYA Dubai, Peruvian Cuisine, Jumeirah

More than just a restaurant, COYA Dubai is an immersive experience inspired by the vibrant Latin American culture. From the art on the walls to the tribal beats of COYA Music, allow yourself to be taken on a multi-sensory journey from the moment you walk in.

Meet the most exciting flavours in authentic contemporary cuisine through a boundless range of options. Inspired by the original fusion food of Peru, natural light, healthy and colourful dishes from the ceviche counter and open kitchen. All to be enjoyed amongst the setting of bespoke hand-carved furnishings, Peruvian trinkets and contemporary art.

Drawing inspiration from the oldest bars in Lima, the Pisco Bar provides a zestful setting for any occasion. Expert mixologists are always on hand to shake up something from the vast selection of COYA signatures, Peruvian classics and localised specials.

restaurant name
COYA Dubai
Four Seasons, Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah 2, Dubai
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