lifestyle /Real Estate Mercury City Tower is rightfully hailed as the gold of the City At 339m-high (1,112ft), Mercury City Tower is the second tallest skyscraper in Europe, the first being OKO.
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Mercury Tower is the most remarkable skyscraper in the Moscow City complex. It can rightfully be hailed as the gold of the City, not only thanks to its golden colour but also because of its interior components. It offers unique advantages with regard to business, comfortable living and memorable pastimes.

Located near Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC) in Moscow, Russia, the mixed-use building was commissioned in August 2013. With an estimated investment of $1bn, the tower was designed by Frank Williams & Partners Architects and developed by LLC Rasen Stroy, a company based in Moscow.

Mercury City Tower is rightfully hailed as the gold of the City
Photo: Mercury City

The Mercury City Tower features contemporary European architecture and a golden glass façade. It offers maximum comfort and security for residents and offices.

The building has 75 floors, including five basement floors, and is made up of offices, residential apartments and retail zones. The first 40 floors of the building have space for offices and the remaining top level floors feature apartments. The total floor space of the building is about 180,160m², including 90,000m² for office purposes, 20,000m² for apartments, and about 19,000m² of garage space.

Mercury City Tower is rightfully hailed as the gold of the City
Photo: Mercury City

The skyscraper provides separate and independent access, and lifts to residences, offices and retail zones. A spa is located at the 42nd floor. The apartments are available with a built-up area of 224m² and 226m². The commercial office space is available in six different sizes to suit varying space requirements.

Retail and parking space is located at the basement floors. The building has a total of 29 elevators and three escalators. It has access to Moscow metro system and is facilitated with an integrated ventilation system and fire protection system.

The Golden Tower is considered as a cultural meeting point and hosts events such as: conferences, formal receptions, gala dinners, weddings, parties, fashion shows, photo and video shoots, performances, science seminars, TV shows and much more.

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