lifestyle /real estate An Interview with Markus Interiors, Luxury Interior Design in Switzerland and London Since 1994, designer Markus has realised unique and outstanding designs for a private clientele around Europe.
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Markus Interiors is a family-owned, luxury interior design practice based in Switzerland and London. Established in 1994, Markus designs magnificent properties for a global clientele; he is renowned for his creative vision and extraordinary artistic talent. Markus’ commissions for premium residential projects include Vienna, Monaco, San Remo, Moscow, St-Jean Cap Ferrat, South Portugal and Geneva.

Markus, what is “Markus Interiors” about? What is the purpose of the studio?

Our purpose is to offer design and decor solutions that cannot be find anywhere else in the world. Our services are tailor-made for discerning clients, owners of prime properties. We design a suitable space concept, determine the style with the client, draw up the new construction plans and carry out the whole work process. After the Design process is completed, we finalise the project with the decoration and accessorising of the property. Working very closely with selected craftsmen-ship, artisans and furniture makers, we offer continuous assistance until the client is entirely and happily satisfied.

Tell us about your design services.

Most of our clients require a full service delivery. We start with a first encounter with the client, ideally within the premises, and then we provide a detailed proposition with all the important elements clearly and transparently listed. A consultation can be easily requested by email or by phone. This first meeting is free of charge and serves to explain to the client our services and the course of the project. We can also offer a design consulting only when the client decides to take over the execution himself.

An Interview with Markus Interiors, Luxury Interior Design in Switzerland and London
Courtesy of Markus Interiors

How long does an average project take? Who manages the whole project?

The construction works are organised locally, by tendering procedure. The work can be managed by us or by the client himself as desired. We only work with qualified professionals. The client does not necessarily need to be present during the refurbishment process as everything is handled and regularly reported to him.

How do you charge your services?

Our design services are covered by an interior designer fee. Depending on the size of the construction site, the amount can be between 10% to 18% of the project value. All services and materials are carried out by us on client request. Regarding our decor services, we order, deliver and settle the furniture, accessories and all other decorative items. We work as accredited retailers and the prices are as featured in boutique.

An Interview with Markus Interiors, Luxury Interior Design in Switzerland and London
Courtesy of Markus Interiors

What are the highlights of Markus Interiors?

We are renowned for our ability to create surprising and intuitive designs very quickly. We are never out of ideas and we are only satisfied once the client says « Wow!». We also analyse the original premises and create realistic simulations with detailed descriptions of the future facilities. Hence, we ensure everything is clear after the setup and the client is able to make changes before he decides to start the execution.

What are the benefits from your “all from one hand” approach?

When planning, purchasing and executing are all in one hand, the client can quietly lie down and fully savour his new environment. This is mostly true in hardly any area more than in the design and architecture of properties. Through a creative and experienced eye, an interior designer immediately recognises the possibilities that a space has to offer and to what extent the wishes of the client can be realised.

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