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The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

The sales gallery in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, Florida, celebrates the design achievements so far, and builds anticipation and excitement surrounding the project, that is due to complete in 2026. Share

Offering uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean and intracoastal waterways around Sunny Isles Beach, the Bentley Residences will offer 61 storeys of modern luxury living, in what will be the tallest residential building on any US beachfront. The building will house 216 residences, each one with incredible views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The core of the cylindrically designed building, meanwhile, will house a patented car elevator—and with an in-unit multi-car garage area with up to four spaces for each apartment, residents will be able to drive right up to their homes.

The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

A collaboration between Bentley, Sieger Suarez Architects and luxury property specialist Dezer Development, the building is scheduled for completion in 2026. Each residence will have an individual balcony swimming pool, as well as unobstructed views through seamless floor-to-ceiling glass. Diamond-shaped glass panels adorning the building’s façade are angled meticulously to create the perfect natural light refraction.

The same patterns and silhouettes are echoed throughout the building, for example, through the diamond-shaped tiles adorning the floor of the lobby. The simple diamond motif is a signature of Bentley design DNA, found throughout all of the brand’s products and cars.

The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

A fusion of indoor and outdoor living is central to the building’s design philosophy. This reflects the tastes of many Bentley drivers, whose cars can cocoon them in extreme comfort, while at the same time offering all the freedom the open road represents. An example of this principle can be seen in the apartments’ expansive balconies, each with its own private, heated swimming pool in which residents can enjoy the fresh air.

Throughout the development, the designers have gone to great lengths to integrate the Bentley design language. So not only will every apartment exhibit the same attention to detail that goes into Bentley’s cars but each one will feature sustainable, locally sourced materials. Moreover, all work will comply with local environmental requirements, including the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) certification, to minimise environmental impact during the design and construction of the project.

The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

Key to the experience of living in the building is the ability to drive right up to your home, thanks to the four ‘Dezervators’—patented hydraulic elevators built to transport you and your vehicle direct to your floor. Your car is identified on arrival, thanks to an RFID sticker positioned in your vehicle. A special LED lighting system then guides you to one of the Dezervators which takes you straight to your residence. As the Dezervator takes you and your car up through the building, you will see the communal areas through the elevator shaft’s glass walls. The whole process is seamless, with no buttons to press and no need to leave your vehicle until you’re home.

The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

Every aspect of the building’s communal space reflects Bentley’s design language, from the diamond-shaped glass panels on the façade, which evokes the diamond motif seen in the detailing on Bentley’s cars, to the diamond tiles on the lobby floor. Elsewhere in the lobby, structural pillars are veined with wood that has been ingrained with copper dust, for a metallic finish similar to that seen on Bentley’s showstopping concept car, the EXP 100 GT. In the cinema, meanwhile, a sofa wraps around three walls—part of a design that reflects the concept of a Bentley car interior.

Deeper inside lies a wealth of shared facilities that enable the residents to meet and come together as a community. There will be a wellness centre and a spa, where residents can relax and recharge. A games room will offer VR headsets, alongside simulators for golf and driving. A restaurant and a cigar lounge will also feature, for relaxing in the company of friends.

The first-ever Bentley-branded luxury residential tower is set to debut in Miami

To give potential buyers a glimpse into the future of this unique development, a sales gallery has been created on the site’s private beachfront. Visitors are greeted by a stunning Bentley Speed Form sculpture, which is finished in a bespoke colour mixed in the Bentley paint shop in Crewe, England. Inside, the 12,000-square-foot gallery includes a full-size, 6,000-square-foot replica of an apartment, complete with a garage, balcony and pool.

The gallery also plays host to a stunning whisky bar, in which the bar itself has been suspended from the ceiling, so it appears to float on air. Wherever you look, Bentley Home furnishings are on display—a further demonstration of Bentley’s exquisite design and craftsmanship.

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